External publications from PEP staff

The following lists articles published by PEP scientific mentors, staff, research fellows and lead researchers in international peer-reviewed journals or collective works.

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PEP author Co-authors Title of paper Title of Economic Review Bibl. references
Nikica Mojsoska-BlazevskiMarjan Petreski Dominika Stojanovska Female Labour Market Inactivity in a Traditional Society: Should we Change the Culture? Book: Social Exclusion and Labour Market Challenges in the Western Balkans; Eds. Bartlett, W., Monastiriotis, V., Koutroumpis, P. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Chapter 7,
pp. 117-150
Martin Henseler

Ruth Delzeit, Marcel Adenäuer, Sarah Baum & Peter Kreins 

Nitrogen Tax and Set-Aside as Greenhouse Gas Abatement Policies Under Global Change Scenarios: A Case Study for Germany

Environmental and Resource Economics

May 2020


Jane Mariara Arjan de Haan, Gillian Dowie To RCT or not, is not the question: Methods for policy-relevant research on gender equality World Development

Vol. 127, March 2020, 104794


Guillermo Cruces

Pablo Acosta, Sebastian Galiani and Leonardo Gasparini

Educational upgrading and returns to skills in Latin America: evidence from a supply–demand framework

Latin American Economic Review

(2019) 28: 18.


Ana Lúcia Kassouf


Child labour and children’s right to a better life

The Lancet
Child & Adolescent Health

Vol 3 (12), 845-847, 2019


Marzia Fontana

Sudha Narayanan, Erin Lent, Anuradha De, Bharati Kulkarni

Developing the Women's Empowerment in Nutrition Index in Two States of India

Food Policy

Volume 89, December 2019, 101780


Jorge Davalos

Jean-Marc Montaud, Nicolas Pécastaing

Potential effects of scaling-up infrastructure in Peru: a general equilibrium model-based analysis

Applied Economics

Jane Mariara Mulubrhan Amare, Remco Oostendorp, Menno Pradhan

The impact of smallholder farmers’ participation in avocado export markets on the labor market, farm yields, sales prices, and incomes in Kenya

Land Use Policy

Vol. 88, 
Nov 2019, 104168


Francesca MarchettaLuca Tiberti David E Sahn The Role of Weather on Schooling and Work of Young Adults in Madagascar American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Vol. 101 (4), July 2019, 1203–1227


Francesca Marchetta

Tom Dilly 

Supporting Education in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges for an Impact Investor

FERDI - Fondation pour les études et recherches sur le développement international; I&P - Investisseurs et Partenaires

2019. hal-02288103


Jane Mariara Richard Mulwa Adaptation to climate change and climate variability and its implications for household food security in Kenya Food Security Online

Martin Henseler

Ingmar Schumacher

The impact of weather on economic growth and its production factors

Climatic Change

Volume 154 (3–4), June 2019, ​​​​​​417–433


See also: Climate breakdown drives inequality

Lucas Ronconi Rodrigo Zarazaga Household-Based Clientelism: Brokers’ Allocation of Temporary Public Works Programs in Argentina

Studies in Comparative International Development

Lucas Ronconi   Enforcement of Labor Regulations in Developing countries

IZA World of Labor

Marcos Agurto Adrianzén

Hugo Fiestas Chevez, Wenceslao Nuñez Morales, Valeria Quevedo, Susana Vegas Chiyón

Study-group diversity and early college academic outcomes: Experimental evidence from a higher education inclusion program in Peru

Economics of Education Review

Vol. 72, October 2019, pp 131-146


Martin Cicowiez

Onil Banerjee, Adela Moreda

Evaluating the Economic Viability of Public Investments in Tourism

Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis

Martin Cicowiez

Onil Banerjee, Mark Horridge, Renato Vargas

Evaluating synergies and trade-offs in achieving the SDGs of zero hunger and clean water and sanitation: An application of the IEEM Platform to Guatemala

Ecological Economics 

Vol 161: 280–291. July 2019


Martin Cicowiez

Onil Banerjee, Renato Vargas, Mark Horridge

The SEEA-based Integrated Economic-Environmental Modelling framework: an illustration with Guatemala's forest and fuelwood sector

Environmental and Resource Economics 

Vol 72 (2): 539–558. 2019


Luca Tiberti, Martin Cicowiez, John Cockburn   A Top-Down with Behaviour (TDB) Microsimulation Toolkit for Distributive Analysis International Journal of Microsimulations

Vol. 11 (2)


María Laura Alzúa, Habiba Djebbari Amy J Pickering

A Community Based Program Promotes Sanitation

Economic Development and Cultural Change

Lucas Ronconi Juan Casazza, Eduardo Reese

The incidence of the provision of infrastructures in the price of land

Revista Latinoamericana de Estudio Urbano Regionales

Vol. 44 (135), 5-28


Jorge Davalos

Nicolas Pécastaing, Andy Inga

The effect of Peru's CDM investments on households’ welfare: An econometric approach

Energy Policy 

Vol. 123, December,

Luca Tiberti
Hélène Maisonnave,
Margaret Chitiga
Ramos Emmanuel Mabugu 

The Economy-wide Impacts of the South African Child Support Grant: A Microsimulation-Computable General Equilibrium Analysis

World Development

Vol. 112 (2018)

Jane Mariara

Andy McKay,
Andy Newell,
Cinzia Rienzo

Gender gaps in the path to adulthood for young females and males in six African countries from the 1990s to the 2010s

IZA Journal of Development and Migration



Jorge Davalos  

Trade openness effects on informality and the real exchange rate channel 

Applied Economics Letters



John Cockburn,
Martin Henseler
Hélène Maisonnave,
Luca Tiberti

Vulnerability and policy responses in the face of natural resource discoveries and climate change

Environment and Development Economics

Vol 23 (5):


Martin Cicowiez

Onil Banerjee,
Emily Morris,
Adela Moreda

Boosting tourism’s contribution to growth and development: analysis of the evidence 

Review of Development Economics

Vol 22 (3):


Martin Cicowiez

Onil Banerjee,
Thomas Ochuodhoc,
Michel Masozera,
Bernabas Wolde,
Pankaj Lal,
Sebastian Dudek,
Janaki R.R. Alavalapati

Financing the sustainable management of Rwanda’s protected areas

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Vol 26 (8):


Paola Ballon  

A Structural Equation Model of Female Empowerment 

Journal of Development Studies

Vol 54 (8):


Paola Ballon Elise Klein

Rethinking Measures of Psychological Agency: A Study on the Urban Fringe of Bamako

Journal of Development Studies

Vol 54 (8): 


Lucas Ronconi

Ravi Kanbur

Enforcement Matters: The Effective Regulation of Labor

International Labour Review


Paola Ballon,
John Cockburn

Sylvain Dessy,  Setou Diarra

Child Monetary Poverty and Multidimensional Deprivations: Why They Differ

Journal of African Economies

Vol 27 (4):


Marcelo Bérgolo

Estefanía Galván

Intra-household Behavioral Responses to Cash Transfer Programs. Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design

World Development

Vol 103,
(March 2018):


Martin Henseler,
Hélène Maisonnave

Low world oil prices: A chance to reform fuel subsidies and promote public transport? A case study for South Africa

Transportation Research Part A:
Policy and Practice

Vol 108,
(February 2018):


Lucas Ronconi Sabina Dewan

US Free Trade Agreements and Enforcement of Labor Law in Latin America

Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society

Vol 57 (1):


Guy Lacroix

Badi Baltagi, Georges Bresson, Anoop Chaturvedi

Robust Linear Static Panel Data Models Using Epsilon-Contamination

Journal of Econometrics

Vol 202 (1):


Guy Lacroix

Anyck Dauphin, Bernard Fortin

Is Consumption Efficiency Within Households Falsifiable?

Review of Economics of the Household

Vol 16 (3): 


Sébastien Mathouraparsad,
Bernard Decaluwé
  Une analyse comparative des économies des DOM à travers les matrices de comptabilité sociale Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine

N° 1/2018: 

André Lemelin Luc Savard

Réforme fiscale : quel rôle pour les modèles d'équilibre général calculable ?

L’Actualité économique 

Vol. 93 (3), September,


María Laura Alzúa

Cecilia Velázquez

The effect of education on teenage fertility: causal evidence for Argentina 

IZA Journal of Migration and Development

2017, 7:7

María Laura Alzúa

Michael Harris, Nicolas Osbert and Amy Pickering

Community-level sanitation coverage is more strongly associated with child growth and household drinking water quality than access to a private toilet in rural Mali 

Environmental Science and Technology

Vol 51(12):

Sébastien Mathouraparsad

Alain Maurin, Jean-Gabriel Montauban

Measuring the Multiplier Effects of Tourism industry to the Economy 

Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Vol 7 (2):

Abdelkrim Araar  

A Comparative Analysis of Subsidies and Subsidy Reforms in the Middle East and North Africa Region


The Quest for Subsidy Reforms in Libya

In The Quest for Subsidies Reforms in the Middle East and North Africa Region: A Microsimulation Approach to Policy Making

Eds. P. Verne and A. Araaar

Springer International Publishing, 2017

Martin Henseler,
Hélène Maisonnave,
Lulit Mitik Beyene
Onil Banerjee, Mercedes Velasco

An Integrated Model for Evaluating Investments in Cultural Heritage Tourism in the Dominican Republic 

Tourism Economics

Vol 23 (8):


Martin Cicowiez

Onil Banerjee, Jamie Cotta

Economics of tourism investment in data scarce countries. 

Annals of Tourism Research

Vol 60

Martin Cicowiez

P. Ruben Mercado

Crecimiento argentino en el largo plazo: un modelo intertemporal y una agenda empírica 

Desarrollo Económico

Vol 55

Bruno Larue

Sébastien Pouliot, Mohamed Jeddy

On the Number and Heterogeneity of Bidders in Livestock Auctions 

Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics

Vol 64 (2):

André Lemelin


Current Account Balances, Exchange Rates, and Fundamental Properties of Walrasian CGE World Models: A Pedagogical Exposition 

Journal of Global Economic Analysis

Vol 2 (1):

Martin Henseler Til Feike Multiple Policy Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in Crop Production - A Modeling Study for the Chinese Aksu-Tarim Region

Ecological Economics

Vol 135
(May 2017):
Martin Cicowiez Javier Alejo, Luciano Di Gresia, Sergio Olivieri and Ana Pacheco Export taxes, world prices, and poverty in Argentina: a dynamic CGE-microsimulation analysis International Journal of Microsimulation Vol 9 (1):
Martin Cicowiez Onil Banerjee, Renato Vargas, Mark Horridge. A conceptual framework for integrated economic-environmental modelling

Journal of Environment & Development 

Vol 25 (3):
Martin Cicowiez Hans Lofgren A Proximity-based approach to labor mobility in CGE models with an application to Sub-Saharan Africa

Journal of Global Economic Analysis 

2017, Vol 2 (1):
Erwin L. Corong Thomas W. Hertel, Robert McDougall, Marinos E. Tsigas, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe The Standard GTAP Model, Version 7

Journal of Global Economic Analysis

2017, Vol 2 (1):
John Cockburn Yélé Batana  La pauvreté des enfants, des adultes et des personnes âgées dans le monde

Pauvreté quotidienne, pauvreté planétaire,
Éd. Gérard Duhaime

Nota Bene,
Montreal, Canada
Available online
John Cockburn Véronique Robichaud and Luca Tiberti Energy Subsidy Reform and Poverty in Arab Countries: A Comparative CGE-Microsimulation Analysis of Egypt and Jordan

Review of Income and Wealth

2017, Vol. 64(1), S249-S273 Online
Luca Tiberti Marco Tiberti Food Price Changes and Household Welfare: What do we learn from two different approaches? Journal of Development Studies Available online
Abdelkrim Araar Luis Huesca Reynoso Comparison of fiscal system progressivity over time: theory and application in Mexico

Estudios Económicos, El Colegio de México, Centro de Estudios Económicos

Vol 31 (1) :
Martin Cicowiez

Cecilia López Montaño, Antonio Yúnez Naude

All In Infraestructura y equidad Vol. II: México y la Alianza del Pacífico

Confederación Andina
de Fomento (CAF)
CISOE, 2016

Jean-Yves Duclos

Luca Tiberti and Abdelkrim Araar

Multidimensional Poverty Targeting Economic Development and Cultural Change

Vol 66 (3):


Jean-Yves Duclos Luca Tiberti Multidimensional poverty indices: A critical assessment In Oxford Handbook of Well-Being and Public Policy
Eds. M.D. Adler and M. Fleurbaey

Oxford University Press,
May 2016,
p. 944

John Cockburn

Helene Maisonnave, Veronique Robichaud and Luca Tiberti

Fiscal Space and Public Spending on children in Burkina Faso International Journal of Microsimulation 2016, Vol 9 (1):
John Cockburn Edgard Cooke, Sarah Hague, Luca Tiberti and A. El- Estimating the Impact on Poverty of Ghana’s Fuel Subsidy Reform and a Mitigating Response Journal of Development Effectiveness Volume 8,
Issue 1 (2016)
Bekele Shiferaw Kebede, T., Kassie, M., and Fisher, M Market Imperfections, Access to Information and Technology Adoption in Uganda: Challenges of Overcoming Multiple Constraints Agricultural Economics Volume 46,
pp. 1-13
Bekele Shiferaw Zeng, D., Alwang, J., Norton, G., Jaleta, M. and Yirga, C Ex-Post Impacts of Improved Maize Varieties on Poverty in Rural Ethiopia Agricultural Economics

Volume 46,
pp. 1-12

Bekele Shiferaw Mason, N. Jayne Africa's rising demand for wheat: Trends, drivers, and policy implications Development Policy Review Volume 33,
pp. 581-613
Bekele Shiferaw Tesfaye, K., Gbegbelegbe, S., Cairns, J.E, Prasanna, B.M. et al Climate change in sub-Saharan Africa: potential impacts on production and food security International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management Volume7,
pp. 247-271
Luca Tiberti Marco Tiberti Rural Policies, Price Change and Poverty in Tanzania: an Agricultural Household Model-Based Assessment Journal of African Economies

Volume 24,
pp. 193-229

Martin Valdivia   Business Training Plus for female entrepreneurship? Short and Medium Term Evidence from a field experiment in Peru Journal of Development Economics Volume 113
(March 2015),
pp. 33-51
Martin Valdivia Gianmarco León Inequality in school resources and academic achievement: Evidence from Peru International Journal of Educational Development Volume 40
(January 2015),
pp. 71-84,
Bekele Shiferaw Kassie, M., Jaleta, M. and Yirga, C. Adoption of improved wheat technologies and impacts on household food security in Ethiopia Food Policy Volume 44 (2014),
pp. 272-284
Bekele Shiferaw Tesfaye, K., Kassie M.,
Abate, T., Prasanna, BM, and Menkir, A.
Managing Vulnerability to Drought and Enhancing Livelihood Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa: Technological, Institutional and Policy Options Weather and Climate Extremes Volume 3 (2014),
pp. 67-79
Bekele Shiferaw Bezu, S., Kassie, G.T. and Ricker-Gilbert, J. Impact of Improved Maize Adoption on Welfare of Farm Households in Malawi: A Panel Data Analysis World Development Volume 59 (2014),
pp. 120-131
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pp. 117-127
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No. 1 (2014),
pp. 87-118.
Jean-Yves Duclos Agnès Zabsonré Social Evaluations When Populations Differ in Size

Canadian Journal of Economics

Volume 47,
No. 2 (2014),
pp. 605-633
Jean-Yves Duclos Nicholas-James Clavet Le soutien financier à la garde d’enfants : les effets sur le travail des femmes, le revenu des familles et les finances publiques Canadian Public Policy Volume 40,
No. 3 (2014),
pp. 224-244.
John Cockburn Jean-Yves Duclos and Agnès Zabsonré Is Global Social Welfare Increasing? A critical-level enquiry Journal of Public Economics Volume 118 (2014)
John Cockburn Jean-Yves Duclos, Agnes Zabsonre Quality and quantity” of lives: what tradeoff should there be between economic and population growth? Revue d'économie du développement Volume 27,
No. 2/3 (2014),

John Cockburn

Luca Tiberti and Christian A. Emini

Impacts of the Global Economic Crisis and National Policy Responses on Children in Cameroon Canadian Journal of Development Studies Volume 35,
No. 3 (2014),
pp. 396-418
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Emerald Insight, Bingley, United Kingdom
2013 and earlier
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No.2 (2011),
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pp 17-47
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No.3/4 (2006),
pp 191-209
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In Children in Crisis : Seeking Child-Sensitive Policy Responses
Eds. C. Harper, N. Jones, R. U. Mendoza, D. Stewart and E. Strand

Palgrave MacMillan,
2012, 263 p.
Bernard Decaluwé André Lemelin and David Bahan Endogenous labor supply with several occupational categories in a big regional CGE model Journal of Regional Studies Volume 44,
Issue 10 (2010),
pp 1401-1414
Bernard Decaluwé Nabil Annabi, Fatou Cissé and John Cockburn Libéralisation commerciale, croissance et pauvrete au Senegal: Une analyse a l'aide d'un MEGC micro simule dynamique Economie et Prévisions Volume 5,
No.186 (2008),
pp 117-131
Bernard Decaluwé Helene Maisonnave Educational Policy, Growth and Labor Market in South Africa: A Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Analysis African Development Perspectives Yearbook Volume 13 (2009),
pp 429-442
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No. 2 (2008),
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No.3 (2010),
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No.2 (2010),
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No.1 (2011)
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No.4 (2013),
pp. 1255-1284
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No.3 (2013) 
pp. 405–407
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