Support for Local Governments for Environmental Management in Southeast Asia Project

This research initiative is a technical collaboration between the Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Network Office of the DLSU Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies, and the Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA)

The project generally aims to assist local government units in developing countries in preparing appropriate plans and programs to address evolving pressures on the environment particularly that of climate change.  In particular, the project shall:

  1. Pilot test the application of the EEPSEA framework and module on climate change vulnerability assessment and mapping using data generated by community-based monitoring systems (CBMS) and other available sub-national level-data from selected sites in 3 developing countries
  2. Generate vulnerability maps at the village level showing empirical evidence and analysis on the impacts of climate change
  3. Build capacities of CBMS research teams on climate change vulnerability assessment and hazard mapping
  4. Build capacities of local government units in the pilot areas on vulnerability assessment and mapping
  5. Recommend adaptation strategies based on the results of vulnerability assessment and mapping that can be integrated in disaster and other environment management plans of LGUs in the pilot areas
  6. Produce a research and policy paper on the results of climate change vulnerability assessment and mapping at the village level  and its implications to development outcomes

This work was carried out with the aid of a grant from the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada.

Project Outputs

               o    Indonesia
               o    Philippines
               o    Vietnam

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