Dominique van de Walle

Dominique van de Walle

Board Member

PARTNERSHIP COMMITTEE (CHAIR) Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development Visiting Professor, Ungku Aziz Centre for Development Studies, University of Malaya Malaysia

Dominique van de Walle is a development economist who has built her career around the study of poverty and public policy. 

Dr. van de Walle was a member of the core team that produced the influential 1990 World Development Report “Poverty.” Following that, she spent close to 30 years at the World Bank, mainly in its research department, where she had an impact on the growing emphasis on poverty analysis and policy in the World Bank and the development world. During this time, she focused on social protection, safety nets, impact evaluation and, most recently, gender. 

The longstanding theme of her research has been how policy can best reach and help poor households as well as poor individuals within households. Most recently, Dr. van de Walle has studied the performance of targeting methods in numerous countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, advised extensively on social protection projects in Yemen and Egypt, and investigated the impacts of marital shocks on the well-being of African women.

She has implemented rigorous impact evaluations and is widely published, having authored dozens of papers in scholarly journals and three books. 

She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Australian National University, a Masters in Economics from the London School of Economics, and a Bachelors from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. van de Walle is a member of the Board of the Partnership for Economic Policy.

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