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Developing and Piloting a Gender-Responsive Community-Based Planning and Budgeting Tool for Local Governments



A PEP special initiative funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada and led by the PEP Asia-CBMS office in Manila, Philippines, from 2005 to 2007.


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About the CBMS GRB Project

The CBMS-GRB project aims to develop and pilot test an enhanced Community-Based Monitoring System that takes into account gender issues, facilitates gender responsive budgeting at the local level, and incorporates a planning and budgeting  module. This endeavor looks at letting CBMS go beyond data disaggregation and gives ample attention to gender considerations in data analysis, validation and ultimately in utilization of CBMS data for planning and budgeting apart from its other uses for local governance.

In order to let CBMS further facilitate GRB and even mainstream budgeting processes, a number of modifications and enhancements need to be incorporated and strategic partnerships built and strengthened. These  include: modification of CBMS data collection instruments, processing, mapping and consolidation modules; adjustments in the standard CBMS methodology to  augment its gender budgeting capabilities; training and capacity building; pilot testing of the enhanced system; sharing of experiences; and assessment of the effectiveness of the system in answering data needs of gender responsive budgeting. Through these activities, it is expected that this endeavor will provide substantial information and research significance specifically in government budgeting, gender equality, and gender related poverty among others. This endeavor will also lay the groundwork for future CBMS enhancement activities, as well as in replicating the system in other sites in the Philippines as well as in other countries.

This project is carried out with the aid of a grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada.

CBMS - GRB Project Objectives

The CBMS-GRB Project aims to attain the following objectives:
  • Adapt the existing CBMS to be more sensitive to the needs and situations of different socio-economic groups, taking particular account of gender concerns and issues
  • Build and strengthen civil society participation in the CBMS endeavor by intensifying and civil society involvement in the validation process of CBMS
  • Strengthen CBMS implementation capacities of Pilot LGUs
  • Strengthen CBMS planning and budgeting capabilities

CBMS-GRB Papers and Presentations

  • Gender Responsive Budgeting through the CBMS Lens - by Debbie Budlender, Celia Reyes and Martha Melesse, 2005
  • Evidence-based Planning and Budgeting Using CBMS Data: Some Initial Thoughts, Activities and Observations - by Aniceto Orbeta Jr. 2006
  • CBMS to Facilitate GRB - by Celia Reyes, 2006
  • Similarities and Differences of the CBMS and GeRL Ka Ba? indicators - by Juan Paulo M. Fajardo, 2007
  • Evidence- based Planning and Budgeting using CBMS - by Aniceto Orbeta Jr. 2007
  • Improved CBMS Module on Local Planning and Budgeting - by Aniceto Orbeta Jr. 2007

CBMS - GRB Partner Institutions

The CBMS-GRB Project is a collaborative undertaking of the CBMS Network Coordinating Team of the Angelo King International Institute-De L Salle University, the Development through Active Women Networking (DAWN) Foundation, Incorporated and Dr. Aniceto Orbeta of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies.

The CBMS-GRB Project is also carried out in cooperation with the Local Governments of the City of Escalante  and the Municipality Enrique B. Magalona, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Contact Information

Inquiries regarding CBMS-GRB Project may be forwarded to :

Dr. Celia M. Reyes
CBMS-GRB Project Director

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