Experimental Research (PIERI) Datasets

This is a database of experimental impact evaluation projects undertaken by PEP-supported local researchers in developing countries. The data comes from impact evaluations conducted using the Randomized Controlled Trials and Field Experiments methodologies only. 

Currently, the database covers impact evaluations of interventions related to youth employment, women’s empowerment, access to credit, and cash transfer programs. Other impact evaluations addressing different policies will be added in time.   


Information collected 

For each impact evaluation, the database provides:

  • A quick description of the intervention under scrutiny, 
  • The evaluation design, 
  • The results of the impact evaluation (the results reported are significant at the 5% level, unless otherwise noted), 
  • A link to the document, if publicly available. 


Technical support 

The PIERI research group provides scientific support and capacity building to PIERI project teams via study visits, training workshops and online mentoring on conducting RCTs and field experiments. PIERI experts assist teams from the beginning to the completion of the evaluation project, addressing sampling strategy, questionnaire design, experimental design, data collection techniques, data analysis, report writing, dissemination, and policy outreach.



Project No. Country Topic Locality Link to dataset
12942 Peru Academic ambassadors and the diffusion of digital financial services among the Poor Piura and Lima cities
12937 Liberia Stimulating SME performance and recovery in the aftermath of the Ebola crisis - Evidence from a business training intervention Bong, Margibi, Montserrado, Grand Bassa and Lofa counties
20165 Gambia Can discounted withdrawal fees catalyze mobile money usage? Field experimental Evidence from Gambia The Greater Banjul area, North Bank Region, Central River Region, Lower River Region and Upper River Region
20281 Malawi Can Mobile Money Induce Entrepreneurial and Financial Behaviors of Members of Village Savings and Loan Associations in Rural Southern Malawi? Machinga and Mangochi districts
13014 Benin Impact des Modèles Innovants de Conseil Agricole et d'Entrepreneuriat des Jeunes sur la Résilience et Alibori, Borgou and Collines
12375 Mongolia The Impacts of Vocational Training Programs on the Duration of Youth Unemployment in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
12451 Uganda Beyond Technical Skills Training: The impact of Credit Counselling on Entrepreneurial Behavior of Ugandan Youth Kampala, Wakiso, Mbale, Gulu and Mbarara
12792 India The Relationship between Intra-Household Bargaining and Program Participation in Rural India Thethoor (Madurai District) and Mallanampatti (Dindigul District) in Tamil Nadu
12883 Bolivia Barriers limiting access to financial services for micro and small entrepreneurs in Bolivia: A randomized lab-field experiment on institutional ethnic discriminatory practices La Paz

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