Study on Monitoring the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty in Asia


This study aims to examine and track the risks and impact of climate change on poverty through the development of a community based monitoring system customized in local context in selected sentinel sites in a developing country. 

The research work, supported by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) through the PEP Network, was undertaken by the CBMS Network Team in part with the on-going initiative of the CBMS Network on monitoring and mitigating the impacts of policy shocks on poverty such as that of economic crises (e.g. food and fuel price hike, and global financial crisis) and climate change in selected poverty observations in developing countries.

Project Activities         

The project involves the conduct of the following research activities

  1. Design of indicators to monitor the impacts of climate change on poverty at the local level using the CBMS approach
  2.  Development and pilot test of data collection and processing instruments to generate household level data on the impacts of climate change on poverty
  3. Conduct of analysis of the risks and impacts of climate change on poverty
  4. Development and conduct of CBMS modules to monitor the risks and impacts of climate change that would build the capacities of local stakeholders in the sentinel sites for the sustained implementation of the monitoring system overtime
  5. Monitoring of the impacts of climate change and corresponding interventions on poverty conditions at the local level overtime using the local monitoring system to be established
  6. Dissemination of the results of the study for possible replication in other regions across the globe

CBMS Research Papers on Climate Change

Data Collection Instrument

  • Household Profile Questionnaire: CBMS Module on Climate Change
  • Manual on the CBMS Module on Climate Change

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