I. About CBMS-Vietnam


Year Pilot-tested


CBMS Coverage Area


Ha Tay, Ninh Binh, Yen Bai, Quang Ngai and Lam Dong Provinces

Collecting  basic data through surveys is the crucial groundwork for tracking, analyzing and evaluating the situation and trend of poverty in Vietnam. The existing monitoring system, however, only provides information on the general situation of the whole country and large areas. The participation of local people in collecting and analyzing information is very limited. They have no chance to make use of these data because the analyzing technique is too complicated  and the result of nationally sampled survey is too general to use in daily local management. Moreover, the cost of the existing survey is high such that it cannot be conducted regularly. the result of data processing is released after a long period of time (1-2 years).

In general, community-based monitoring system (CBMS) work in Vietnam stems from the need for a system that can provide timely and disaggregated information for planning and poverty monitoring, and involves the participation of local people. It will serve as a tool for analyzing the impact of policies and poverty reduction programs on poor households and communes.

Project Activities

  • Technical Collaboration with the National Program for Poverty Reduction and Job Creation on the pilot testing of the national system of poverty observatories in selected communes in 12 provinces.
  • Provision of technical support to the Depart ment of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in implementing CBMS in selected commune-observatories of selected provinces.
  • Establishment of a system of poverty observatories.
  • Implementation of a CBMS methodology on data collection and processing of the poverty observatory system.

II. Institutional Partners


CBMS work in Vietnam is being implemented by the Socio-Economic Development Centre (SEDEC). It is a nongovernmetal research and consulting institution that aims:

  • To conduct research on Vietnamese development issues
  • To provide consulting services in the fields of socio-economic development, Technological transfer and economic management in Vietnam
  • To assist in the organization, management and evaluation of development projects
  • To train economic managers and social workers.

The center focuses on the analysis of poverty in rural and urban areas; relations between poverty and macroeconomic policies; community institutions and conditions for household economic development; and generation of recommendations for poverty alleviation.

III. Forms, Papers, and Reports


CBMS-Vietnam Phase 1

CBMS-Vietnam Phase 2

IV. Contact Information


Inquiries regarding CBMS-Vietnam may be sent to:


Dr. Vu Tuan Anh
CBMS Vietnam Project Director
Address:  Socio-Economic Development Centre
              28 Tang Bat Ho, Hanoi
              PO Box 442, BD Bo Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel#:       (844) 903-259-254
Fax #:     (844) 55-23-059
Email:      vsed@hn.vnn.vn
Research Team Members
Vu Van Toan
Vuong Tat Dat
Nguyen Van Pham
Vu Ngoc Uyen
Nguyen Tien Luc
Le Van Hoang



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