CBMS development initiative to reap the demographic dividend in the helm of 18th amendment in Pakistan 


I. Objectives of the Project

The following are the objectives of the project:

  • To analyze Labor Force Surveys: This objective is important before proceeding for the CBMS development because in Pakistan data are available in bulk but analyses lack. The LFS reports just show data trends, frequencies and figures but only at Provincial Level. LFS collects data on employment by age, education and labor force participation by economic sector (both formal and informal)
  • To design and pilot test of CBMS to generate data to be used for the focus study on “youth employment and entrepreneurship” and efforts to scale-up it
  • To look at the different aspects of Labor Force Participation at grass roots level. This phase will collect specific information on specific indicators of LFS at community level to fill the data gaps particularly for youth bulge at grass roots level
  • Preparation of the community and household level poverty maps in the selected union councils and villages/circles
  • To prepare a scientific paper on youth employment and entrepreneurship that can be published at any international peer reviewed journal
  • To highlight the opportunities for Simulation of Youth Entrepreneurship at local level
  • To look at selected MDGs at grass roots level those are linked directly or indirectly to youth development
  • To sensitive (by policy informing) local, national and international stakeholders including ILO to invest on [as per findings] sectors of youth employment and entrepreneurship

II. Institutional Partner


The Research Analytics International (Private) Limited is registered under Companies Ordinance 1984. Research Analytics International has been founded with the aim to strengthen the research and development initiatives in Pakistan and around by inputting most sophisticated and rigorous efforts to analyses of the social, political and economic findings. Every high fertility country in the world has been or had undergone a demographic transition and Pakistan is undergoing currently letting millions of young people on stake due to lack of efficient policy making. Lack of quality primary, secondary and even higher education is the main hindrance in the way forward to get out of poverty cycle for these young people. This has put on stake the future of the country’s economy unless concrete steps have been taken to make this demographic transition a bless in terms of a demographic dividend.


The prime need for these young people is to improve their living conditions, diverse jobs, proper and professional trainings and international competitiveness. Research Analytics International has started to indulge itself in the programs that support capacity building of these young people, to excel in the professional fields, and of those who are already in the professional field.


The company is eager to support and join hands with the public and private sector companies that work for the betterment of the future generations of Pakistan. They provide high quality social, political and economic surveying services with the ability to design, manage and analyze data of these surveys and to interpret it. The most challenging phase is the utilization of the data that could tell policy makers about the facts with the help of advance statistical analyses and we are proficient in this as well.



III. Contact Information


Inquiries regarding CBMS-Pakistan may be sent to:


Research Analytics International (Private) Limited

Mailing Address: 08, Block 45, E-Type-FGHS, G11/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

Telephone and Fax Numbers: +92 51 431163/+92 345 5956885

E-mail Address: instituto_economia@econ.unicen.edu.ar

Web-site: instituto_economia@econ.unicen.edu.ar


Nadeem Akhtar

Project Leader/Director

Research Analytics International (Private) Limited

Mailing Address: 08, Block 45, E-Type-FGHS, G11/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

E-mail: instituto_economia@econ.unicen.edu.ar

Telephone: +92 51 431163


Research Team Members

Fatima Yamin

Ruhma Amin

Aadil Wasim

Mehboob Ali



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