I. About CBMS-Pakistan

Year Pilot-tested


CBMS Coverage Area

Dhamyal Union Council  in Rawalpindi

District and  GB42 Union Council in Toba Tek Singh District covering 2468 households


Poverty indicators have regularly been monitored in Pakistan through regular Household Integrated Expenditure Surveys (HIES). However, the surveys do not contain adequate information on lower administrative units such as the district, tehsil and union council. With the advent of decentralization, which necessitates the participation of representatives at all levels in designing and approving local development plans, the need for data at these levels has become absolutely essential. Thus, the community-based monitoring system (CBMS) is a useful source of data, particularly at the lower administrative levels and provides the concerned authorities with a suitable empirical base for conducting budget allocation exercises.

Special Initiatives


Policy Analysis on Growth and Employment 

II. Project Activities

  • Design of a core set of CBMS indicators that can be used for the design, monitoring and evaluation of development policies/programs ("input strategies") in Pakistan, and the presentation of said design to stakeholders at the national level in a workshop
  • Development of a customized methodology for data collection, processing, validation and utilization of CBMS data
  • Pilot test of the various components of the CBMS developed in selected site/s in Pakistan
  • Documentation of the details of the results of the pilot test of CBMS
  • Presentation of project results in both national/local workshops to various stakeholders
  • Preparation of a poverty profile based on the CBMS data gathered and validated

III. CBMS Core Indicators

(table to follow)

IV. Project Outputs

  • Data Collection Instruments
  • Database
  • Poverty Maps
  • Training Materials
  • Research Papers

V. Contact Information

Institutional Partner


The CBMS-Pakistan project is being implemented by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE). The PIDE is an autonomous institution dedicated to the acquisition and propagation of knowledge about Development of Economics, with special focus on Pakistan. Although the emphases have changed from time to time, PIDE's underlying commitment  has been to produce high-quality research.


The institution aims to carry out theoretical and empirical research on Development Economics, in general, and on Pakistan-related economic issues, in particular, and to provide sound underpinnings of proper economic policy. Its research is also meant to help economists and other social scientists see the changing hues and patterns of economic, social and demographic policymaking in Pakistan.



Inquiries regarding CBMS-Pakistan may be sent to:


Research Analytics International (Private) Limited

Mailing Address: 08, Block 45, E-Type-FGHS, G11/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

Telephone and Fax Numbers: +92 51 431163/+92 345 5956885

E-mail Address: instituto_economia@econ.unicen.edu.ar

Web-site: instituto_economia@econ.unicen.edu.ar


Nadeem Akhtar

Project Leader/Director

Research Analytics International (Private) Limited

Mailing Address: 08, Block 45, E-Type-FGHS, G11/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

E-mail: instituto_economia@econ.unicen.edu.ar

Telephone: +92 51 431163


Research Team Members

Fatima Yamin

Ruhma Amin

Aadil Wasim

Mehboob Ali



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