I. About CBMS-Haiti

The project aims to develop a methodology for collecting and monitoring statistical data on poverty at the community level. In a second step, this method will be tested at two communal project sites: an urban site located in an area of the Municipality of Port-au-Prince, Haut Turgeau and a rural site, Chevalier, located in the southern region, between the towns of Rocheà-Bateau and Côteaux.

The project will seek to develop an active partnership between the local authorities, communities and CHERIES researchers to achieve in both sites a diagnosis of the extent of poverty in all its dimensions and to establish an institutionalized system of regular collection of data on poverty.

The introduction of the CBMS should allow the communities to better understand the level of local poverty, build capacity of local government to formulate policies in the fight against poverty and in the application of policy of social protection, boost their level of participation in the formulation of public policies in the local communities and at the national level.

The overall objective is to contribute to the strengthening of local governance, particularly in the fight against poverty and social protection through the development of local self-government.


Objectives of the project:

  • To develop a system for collecting and monitoring data on poverty and its institutionalization in the administrations of both communal project sites
  • To conduct research on the informal sector and social protection in order to obtain relevant information for understanding the functioning of this sector, to analyze their needs in social protection, to assess their specificity compared to the formal sector and to make proposals on the establishment of a system to provide social protection to the informal sector
  • To prepare CBMS poverty profiles and maps for the selected localities

II. Project Activities

  • Local training/capacity building workshops
  • Data collection
  • Consultation/Dissemination Activities
  • Policy fora
  • Policy studies

III. CBMS Core Indicators

Dimensions of poverty



Percentage of infant mortality: children aged under 5

Percentage of women who died of pregnancy

Percentage of households with sanitary facilities (toilets, latrines)

Number of medical visits by members of the household during the

last 12 months

Distance from nearest health center


Percentage of children aged 0-5 years malnourished;

Percentage of households with a hot meal per day

Percentage of households without access to safe drinking water

Percentage of households without access to sanitary toilet


Percentage of households living in makeshift housing

Percentage of households living in temporary shelters

Percentage of households living in temporary shelters

Number of people per square meter in the housing

Percentage of households who own the house where they live


Percentage of victims of violence and crime

Remoteness of the next police station


Percentage of children ages 6 to 12 who do not attend school

Percentage of children ages 13 to 16 who do not attend school

Education level of the head or she-head of household


Percentage of unemployed

Percentage of households with incomes below the poverty line

Level of income of people working in the informal sector

Level of income of people working in the formal sector

    IV. Project Outputs

    • Data Collection Instruments 
    • Database
    • Poverty Maps
    • Training Materials
    • Research Papers

      V. Contact Information

      Institutional Partner

      The Haitian Center for International, Economic and Social Studies and Research (CHERIES) is a research and studies institution that brings together professionals and university scholars with solid experience in administration and research in the field of social sciences related to development issues, to the fight against poverty. These professionals are involved since the year 2010 in applied research works on the reconstruction/rebuilding, decentralization and evaluation of local and national public policies. Many collaborators of CHERIES work in the National Observatory on Poverty and Social Exclusion (ONPES) as consultants that provide support from time to time in the development of joint projects.

      Inquiries regarding CBMS-Haiti may be sent to:


      The Haitian Center for International, Economic and Social Studies and Research (CHERIES)

      Mailing Address: No. 12 Rue Miot HT 60110 Port-au-Prince, Haiti

      Telephone and Fax Numbers: 0509-37024652

      E-mail Address: instituto_economia@econ.unicen.edu.ar



      Dr. Alrich Nicolas

      Project Coordinator

      The Haitian Center for International, Economic and Social Studies and Research (CHERIES)

      Mailing Address: Rue Miot No 12, HT 60110 Port-au-Prince, Haiti

      E-mail: instituto_economia@econ.unicen.edu.ar

      Telephone: 00509-37024652


      Research Team Members

      Jores Merat Pierre
      Adelita Roman
      Schmied StFleur
      Guerline Jean



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