I. About CBMS-Cambodia

Year Pilot-tested


CBMS Coverage Area

6 communes from the Provinces of Battambang, Kratie and Kampong Thom


Cambodia is committed to undergo a long process of decentralization. The importance of local governance is well recognized by all of Cambodia's stakeholders and many are working to contribute to the success of this reform process. a community-based monitoring system (CBMS) is expected to complement such decentralization efforts in a concrete way and help implement a new decentralized state apparatus. Naturally, commune councils need reliable information for the conduct of their needs assessments, planning monitoring and evaluation of development projects. The best way to achieve this goal is to establish a system and have it operated in a consistent manner by the commune councils with technical support from the Provincial Statistics Office and other agencies.

In this regard, the CBMS was pilot tested in 2003-2005. The pilot project has been successful by promoting links between the communes; provincial and national level planning processes through the use of CBMS data. It also has developed a capacity of local authorities to implement the CBMS in their localities. With the success of the pilot implementation of CBMS. Cambodia is now looking for its eventual nationwide implementation.



Project Activities

  • Develop data collection and processing tools for both household and village levels.
  • Recruit and train enumerators and data processors.
  • Pre-test the census instruments as part of the training of enumerators.
  • Conduct the census in all the selected communes
  • Process data using manual approach, primarily undertaken by commune teachers and officials, under the supervision of the Supervisory Team.
  • Analyze results to be primarily done by local capacity, under the guidance of the Project Management Team.
  • Validate data processing and analysis using computer jointly undertaken by the Project Management Team and the provincial statistical staff.
  • Write the project report, incorporating qualitative information (cy commune council members and the Project Management Team).
  • Document the uses of CBMS data by the communes and various stakeholders
  • Present in workshops at local and national levels the results of the CBMS to stakeholders including NGOs, donors, key line ministries and other government institutions.



II. Institutional Partners


The CBMS work in Cambodia is being implemented by the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) taking over the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI), which implemented the project in its first phase. The NIS, which is part of the Ministry of Planning, is the focal point on statistical matters in Cambodia. It compiles and consolidates statistics provided by decentralized offices and also collection primary data through household and establishment surveys and population censuses.





III. Forms, Paper, and Reports


CBMS-Cambodia Pilot

CBMS-Cambodia Phase 2

CBMS-Cambodia Phase 3

CBMS-Cambodia Poverty Maps

CBMS-Cambodia's Paper on Global Financial Crisis




IV. Contact Information


Inquiries regarding CBMS-Cambodia may be sent to:

Mr Try Sothearith
CBMS-Cambodia Project Director
Address: National Institute of Statistics (NIS)
             #365, Monivong Blvd., Boeung Kengkang I, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh,
Tel#:  + 855 (0) 16 555507 (mobile)
             + 855 (0) 12 585865 (office)
Fax#:  + 855 (0) 23 213 650 / 211 273
E-Mail:  sothearith_t@yahoo.com

Project Advisory Team
Mr. Kim Net
Mr. Noun Nisaykosal



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