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Research Team Members

Dr. Prosper SOMDA
Michel KONE
Dr. Omer Combary
Samandoulgou Rasmata
Ouedraogo Jeanette

CBMS Strengthening and social protection to the informal sector: case of the communes of Diébougou (Province of Bougouriba), Koper (Province of Ioba) and To (Province of Sissilli)


I. Objectives of the Project

The general objective of this project is to contribute to the efficiency of the social programs geared towards social protection to the informal sector and poverty reduction in Burkina Faso. The specific objectives are the following:


In the communes of Diébougou and Koper:

  • To strengthen the operational capacity of CBMS;
  • To strengthen the capacities of Comités Villageois de Développement (CVD) of villages and sectors of Diébougou and Koper in producing reliable data in compliance with the CBMS methods, allowing the identification of the different aspects of poverty in their respective localities;
  • To observe patterns and changes in the wellbeing of households in these communes

In the rural commune of To:

  • To convince local authorities of the relevance of CBMS as a management tool for their community and to adopt it for the establishment of communal development plan and monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs
  • To equip the CVDs of appropriate abilities to produce reliable data and to process subtle indicators, in compliance with the CBMS method;
  • To ensure the adoption of the CBMS by the population of the commune of To

In all three communes:

  • To strengthen CBMS in Diébougou and Koper and  implement in To;
  • To provide CBMS data on the different aspects of poverty in the communes of Diébougou, Koper and To;
    To establish the CBMS poverty profile and maps in Diébougou, Koper and To;
  • To produce relevant and reliable data that allow political and government authorities at both local and regional levels to take appropriate measures for a better targeting of beneficiaries of social programs within the framework of social protection particularly for pregnant women and young children (0-5 )
  • To prepare a production of paper on the analysis of CBMS data in relation to providing social protection to the informal sector

See full proposal here.

II. Institutional Partner


Centre d’Etudes, de Documentation, de Recherche Economiques et Sociales (CEDRES) is a research center created by the decree number 75646416/PRES/EN/MF on October 20, 1975. It has 30 years of experience in crafting, managing and implementing projects and studies in various domains relevant to its expertise (poverty, environment, microfinance, monitoring-evaluation, impact analysis).

For 20 years now, CEDRES is one of the most important and faithful partners of Centre de Recherche pour le Développement International (CRDI). In 2011, CEDRES figures in the list of the TOP 25 think tanks in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa and ranked 1st among the research centers in the French-speaking region of Africa.


III. Contact Information


Inquiries regarding CBMS-Burkina Faso may be sent to:


Centre d’Etudes, de Documentation, de Recherche Economiques et Sociales (CEDRES)

Mailing Address: 03 BP 7210 Ouagadougou 03 Burkina Faso

Telephone and Fax Numbers: (+226)50331636/ (+226) 50312686

E-mail Address:




Dr Lassina KONATE

Professor-Researcher/Team Director

Centre d’Etudes, de Documentation, de Recherche Economiques et Sociales (CEDRES)

Mailing Address: 12 417 Ouagadougou 12 UFR/SEG Burkina Faso

E-mail: or

Section de la page ''CBMS BURKINA FASO''

I. About CBMS-Burkina Faso



In Burkina Faso, the population remains extremely poor despite the significant progress recorded at the economic and social levels. The participative poverty monitoring system (PMS), today called as the community-based management system, under the Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies (MIMAP) Project, is meant to serve as a tool agains poverty in Burkina Faso. Research on participative PMS is one of the activities that support the government's fight against poverty.

The first phase of PMS work in Burkina Faso focused on the design of a research methodology. The succeeding phase aimed to transform the PMS into a tool that the local population can use for planning and managing its own development, notably in evaluating and monitoring its welfare, as well as in deciding how to improve its living conditions. The PMS in Burkina Faso also intends to serve as a monitoring-evaluation instrument for poverty policies and programs.

Project Activities

  • Development and pilot-test of a community-based monitoring system (poverty monitoring system) in Burkina Faso
  • Development of poverty monitoring indicators
  • Preparation of poverty profile of CBMS Sites
  • Increased awareness of communities and local leaders to CBMS policies
  • Provision of training for Surveyors.
  • Participation in preparation of poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP) indicators
  • Creation of a methodology for CBMS implementation in new sites.
  • Creation of performance indicators for the villages
  • Advocacy at government institutions and NGO Levels
  • Technical collaboration with the institution in charge of PRSP and the National Poverty Observatory
  • Enhancement of the acquired experiences in Yako
  • Implementation of CBMS in new sites: in the Department of Diebougou (South/ West of Burikina Faso)and in the department of Koper (at the request of Africa Sustainable development council (ASUDEC), a non governmental institution


II. Institutional Partners


CBMS work in Burkina Faso is being implemented by Social and Economic Research and Documentation Center (CEDRES) at the University of Ouagadougou. CEDRES is the specialized insstitution in the Department of Economic and Management Science made up of three sections: Research, Study, Assistance and Counselling, Documentation and Publishing and Administration and Financial Affairs.

The mission of CERDES includes:

  • Promoting basic and applied research in economy, management and development;
  • Providing scientific support to thesis, dissertations, papers and articles;
  • Centralizing all documents published in the department;
  • Supplying the department with documentations and publishing research on the economy;
  • Promoting relationship and cooperation with other research centers
  • Providing Counsel and assistance  in economic decision making

The CBMS Team is also working with the Centre Canadien d' Etrude at de Cooperation International (CECI)- Burkina, a well-known and well-accepted nongovernmental organization based in the department of Yako




III. Forms, Papers, and Reports



Household Questionnaire



Papers and Reports

PAGE-CBMS Working Papers

Le renforcement du SSCP et la protection sociale du secteur informel : cas des communes de Diébougou (province de la Bougouriba), Koper (province du Ioba) et To (province de la Sissili)

Efficacité des mécanismes de ciblage des bénéficiaires des programmes d’assistance sociale dans le secteur informel des communes de Diébougou et Koper    


PAGE Policy Briefs

Strengthening Social Protection in the Informal Sector through CBMS: Case of the Communes of Diébougou (Province of Bougouriba), Koper (Province of Ioba) and To (Province of Sissili)    

Other Papers and Reports

Conference Papers

Public Reports

Poverty Maps


IV. Contact Information


Inquiries regarding CBMS-Burkina Faso may be sent to:

Dr. Lassina Konate
CBMS-Burkina Faso Project Leader
University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Dr. Michel Kone
University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Dr. Prosper Somda
University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 

Dr. Omer Combary
University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso



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