I. About CBMS-Benin

Year Pilot-tested


CBMS Coverage Area

13th District Cotonou, Commune of Cove, District of Adogbe

Community-based monitoring system (CBMS) work in Benin aims to improve the capacities of poor communities in Beninin terms of monitoring and evaluating their poverty status through the development of a CBMS. The system aims to address the information requirements of the decentralization policy in Benin and also for monitoring and evaluation of policies that were put in place as defined by the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP).

Project Activities

  • Review of information requirements of decentralization policy as well as data needs for poverty monitoring and evaluation of policies defined by the PRSP.
  • Conduct of consultation meetings with stakeholders to gather comments on the rationale and proposed structure of the CBMS/ local monitoring system to be developed.
  • Identification of a set of indicators to be monitored
  • Design of a community-based monitoring system that would generate the set of indicators identified.
  • Development of the data collection and data processing tools.
  • Pilot test of the CBMS Methodology (data collection, processing, validation and dissemination of results) in one quartier in the City of Cotonou.
  • Preparation of a profile of the quartier based on the CBMS data gathered from the site.
  • Presentation of the CBMS design and the results of the pilot-test to various stakeholders in a workshop for comments.
  • Documentation in a report the details of consultationmeetings, results of the pilot test, and workshop presentations.

Finalize the design of the CBMS based on the comments gathered during the workshop such that the system would be ready for implementation in teh next phase of the project.

II. Institutional Partners

CBMS work in Benin is being administered by the Cellule d' Analyse de Politique Economique (CAPE) in cooperation with the Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Policies (MIMAP)- Benin Project Team. It was a structure created by the presidential decree No. 95-366 of November 21, 1995 describing its creation, attributes, organization and functions.

Four principal missions of the organization include;

  • The conduct of studies on strategic questions in the domain of economic policy in particular  and of development policy in general.
  • The formation of national administrative groups (directors and others responsible from the public sector,  private and non-governmental organizations) to improve their capacity to conceive and put into application appropriate policies.
  • The installation of mechanisms for the discussion of national questions concerning the social and economic development of the country.

The publication of work accomplished based on the economic plan.

III. Forms, Papers, and Reports



Papers and Reports


Benin Phase 1

Benin Phase 2

Benin Phase 3

Benin Poverty Maps

IV. Contact Information


Inquiries regarding CBMS-Benin be sent to:

Dr. Cosme Vodonou
General Director/Directeur Général de
l’Institut National de la Statistique et de l’Analyse Economique (INSAE)
BP 323 Cotonou, Bénin
Phone number : 00229 21 30 82 44
E-mail: vodounoc@yahoo.fr

Dr. Marie Odile Attanasso
CBMS-Benin Project Leader
E-mail: mattanasso@yahoo.fr 

Mr. Ambroise Agbota

Ms. Lea Tchobo



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