I. About CBMS-Argentina

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CBMS Coverage Area

Tandil, Urundel, Ollavaria


Argentina in the past has been a fast growing economy that attracted immigrants mainly from Europe and other Latin-American countries. Recurrent macroeconomic crisis and hard problems to sustain economic growth have changed the situation drastically. The country has generated poverty to levels never before seen.



In addition, the country does not have a good system of statistics to measure living conditions. The only household survey implemented at national level is EPH (Encuesta Permanente de Hogares), which is not designed to monitor poverty but the labor market. The EPH is administrated in large urban areas, and does not include small cities or rural areas such as Tandil, Azul and Olavarría that have a clear different socioeconomic structure than large cities.



In 1997 and 2001 the country implemented a Living Condition Survey (SIEMPRO). This survey was supposed to be administrated again in 2006, but this has never been materialized. As a consequence, we have a country with higher poverty, with more programs designed to alleviate poverty, but no national statistics to monitor and help targeting (some sub-national government has tried to overcome this lack of statistics creating their own surveys or Censuses).


The current national administration (through the Ministerio de Desarrollo Social) decentralized the implementation of many programs to the local governments (Municipalities). Nowadays, Municipalities have a very important role administrating the existing programs, both national and provincial programs, as well as municipal initiatives, but municipalities do not have tools such as CBMS to monitor poverty or evaluate the impact of the programs.


Special Initiatives 


Policy Analysis on Growth and Employment 


II.Project Activities

  • Data Collection

    • The census in Olavarria, Argentina was conducted from April 2014 to July 2014 covering around 6,000 households. The following are the photos of the said activity (click on the thumbnail for the photo gallery):


  • Consultation/Dissemination Activities
  • Policy Fora
  • Local Training/Capacity building workshops
  • Policy Studies

III. CBMS Core Indicators

CBMS Project Site in Olavarria

CBMS Core Indicators of Olavarria, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013-2014


CBMS Project Site in Tandil

CBMS Core Indicators of Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015

Conducted by: CBMS Argentina headed by Sebastian AugusteSource: CBMS Census in Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015


IV. Project Outputs

V. Contact Information


Institutional Partner


The Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNICEN) is a public University founded in 1965 (it became public in 1974). It is located in the central region of the province of Buenos Aires: the municipalities of Tandil, Azul and Olavarria. It has around 12.000 students in nine Departments, with 58 undergraduate majors, 21 tertiary level degrees and 20 graduate level programs.



The “Instituto de Economía” (Institute of Economics) was created in June 2009 as an institution under the umbrella of Facultad de Ciencias Económicas of UNICEN with the objective of promoting high quality research in applied economics and public policies, particularly related to local economic development. It is integrated by 15 professors of the Economic and Statistics Departments of UNICEN. The Director of the Institute is Sebastian Auguste (Ph.D. in Economics, University of Michigan).


The Institute of Economics has already participated in a previous CMBS call, and successfully implemented CBMS for the first time in Argentina in the cities of Tandil and Urundel. This new proposal is to expand CBMS to other municipalities and to capture issues related to entrepreneurship and youth employment.



Inquiries regarding CBMS-Argentina may be sent to:


Instituto de Economía (IE), Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia deBuenos Aires (UNICEN)

Mailing Address: Pinto 399 – B7000GHG – Tandil - Buenos Aires – Argentina

Telephone and Fax Numbers: 54 (02293) 439550/1/2/3

E-mail Address: instituto_economia@econ.unicen.edu.ar

Web-site: http://www.econ.unicen.edu.ar/index.htm



Dr. Sebastián Auguste

Project Leader/Director

Director of the Institute of Economics (Insituto de Economia)

Mailing Address: Teodoro Garcia 2074 5to B, Buenos Aires (1426)





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