Call for Papers for Presentations

All local government units (LGUs), implementing the Community-Based Monitoring System Accelerated Poverty Profiling (CBMS APP) in the Philippines, are invited to submit proposals for papers to be presented during the 14th CBMS-Philippines National Conference.  Proposed papers should be able to document and discuss the actual uses and applications of CBMS for evidence-based policymaking and program implementation specifically relating to (but not limited to) any of the following areas of concern:

  1. Bottom up planning and budgeting
  2. Targeting and Monitoring of a national or LGU-initiated program to address priority needs of any of the following sectors:
    • Children
    • Indigenous Peoples (IPs)
    • Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)
    • Women
    • Youth
    • Elderly/Senior Citizens
    • Households in hazard/disaster prone or conflict areas
  3. Disaster preparedness and rehabilitation
  4. Migration and Development

  5. Monitoring the sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  6. Improving Transparency and Accountability in Local Governance

LGU proponents must have completed at least one round of the CBMS census using the CBMS-Accelerated Poverty Profiling (APP)

Interested LGUs to present in the conference may submit the following requirements through their DILG Regional Office not later than January19, 2018:

  1. Official letter of intent to present in the conference
  2. A one-page abstract (summary) of the proposed presentation, double spaced at 12 size font, which includes and highlights the following information:
    • Title of Presentation
    • Name of Presenter and Position in the LGU
    • 2 to 3 statements on the major  benefits and actual uses to the LGU of its adoption of CBMS  in the locality in the context of any of the above-mentioned topics
      • Brief background statements on the  reason/s for the adoption of CBMS by the LGU and current status (i.e. cite first CBMS census round, and latest round (if doing 2nd or 3rd round-which ever is applicable) of CBMS implementation. 

Only LGUs with approved proposed presentations will be notified by the CBMS Network Coordinating Team and will be provided with full guidelines for the preparation of the paper and presentation.



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