The 2013 PEP Annual Report is now available online

A review of the progress and outputs of PEP activities in 2013. Download it here.

In a new and improved format, the 2013 PEP Annual Report provides an overall review of the progress and outputs of PEP activities in terms of research and policy analysis, capacity building and policy engagement.

In particular, the report features descriptions of the nature and main outcomes of those research projects supported by PEP in developing countries throughout the year of 2013, as well as of various special research collaboration initiatives carried out during the same period.

See table of content below:



PEP 2013 Annual Report

Table of content



Message from the PEP executive director

Message from the chair of the PEP board of directors


introducing the new ""

Executive director

Global office

Board of directors

pep overview

Mission and vision

Global scope and linkages

From building to promoting local expertise

Research and capacity building

Policy engagement

special initiatives and collaborations

PAGE: policy analysis on growth and employment

Other initiatives

policy findings

Assessing the impact of government programs

Simulating the distributive impacts of macro shocks/policies

Multidimensional analysis of poverty and inequality

Monitoring welfare/poverty trends at the local level using CBMS

Poverty and social impact analyses

conferences and training

2013 PEP general meeting

9th CBMS-Philippines national conference

Dissemination of research findings worldwide

PEP schools


Working papers

Policy briefs


Peer-reviewed journal articles

pep staff and partner institutions

donors an supporters





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