PEP welcomes Professor Sylvain Dessy as new PMMA Research Co-Director

July 30, 2021

Professor Sylvain Dessy takes on a new role with PEP as the Research Co-Director for the Microeconomic non-experimental analysis (PMMA) research group.

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July 30, 2021 – PEP welcomes Professor Sylvain Eloi Dessy, current PEP resource person and former Partner Institution Representative for Université Laval, as the Research Co-Director for the Microeconomic non-experimental analysis (PMMA).

As a professor in the Department of Economics of Université Laval in Canada, Sylvain brings a wealth of research and teaching expertise to the role. A development economist, his research focuses on barriers to structural change, and particularly harmful traditional practices in developing countries. He is an expert on child labour, child marriage, polygyny, the socio-economic effects of climate shocks, and the roots of gender inequality.

Prof Jane Mariara, Executive Director of PEP, said: “I am very pleased to welcome Professor Dessy as PMMA Research Co-Director. We value his collaboration and the support he has provided to PEP over the past years, and I look forward to seeing what we will achieve together in this new relationship.

Sylvain joins Luca Tiberti as co-director. Also a professor of economics, Luca has directed the PMMA research group since 2015 and specialises in applied microeconomics. After ten years at Université Laval, he will be based at the University of Florence from next month.

By having two co-directors, PEP—and the microeconomic analysis group in particular—will benefit from their diverse expertise. “The combination of their strengths and specializations is important for PEP in responding to the continuously evolving challenges of the international development agenda,” said Prof Mariara.

As well as both being members of PEP’s scientific support team, Sylvain and Luca have been colleagues in the Department of Economics at Université Laval for ten years and collaborated on many studies. “I am excited to work with Sylvain in leading the research group and to help PEP adapt to the changing methodological, conceptual and policy points of view in international development,” said Luca. 

On his appointment, Sylvain said: “It is a joy to join the PMMA research group at PEP. I am excited about the opportunity to team up with Luca to spearhead the group’s efforts towards PEP’s mission of empowering southern researchers to rise to the challenge of producing the evidence-based research needed to inform local-based solutions to development problems.”

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