Two PRESM workshops to be held in November 2017

November 23-24, 2017 | Kenya

Two workshops will be held in Kenya later this month to discuss the findings and policy recommendations of the PRESM project. A knowledge-sharing workshop will be held November 23 in Thika and a scientific workshop will be held November 24 in Nairobi.

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November 23-24, 2017 – Two workshops will be held in Kenya later this month as part of the Productive Employment in Segmented Markets of fresh produce in Kenya (PRESM) project. A knowledge-sharing workshop will be held November 23 in Thika and a scientific workshop will be held November 24 in Nairobi.

PRESM investigates alternative approaches for modernizing the avocado sector in Kenya. It evaluates the impact of these approaches on the productive employment of small-scale avocado growers. The project focuses on the benefits, costs, and constraints associated with producing for modern, export-focused markets, instead of for traditional, locally-oriented markets. Findings from the project provides insights into how the Kenyan avocado sector value chains can be modernized.

Knowledge-sharing workshop

Project stakeholders, primarily farmers and exporters, will attend a knowledge-sharing workshop in Thika, Kenya, on November 23, 2017. The event will provide an opportunity for the researchers to present and discuss the findings of the PRESM project. In particular, those present will consider how access to modern avocado markets can be expanded to benefit farmers and exporters.

The workshop will include presentations on the costs and benefits of participating in the modern sector, the dynamics of avocado contract farming in Kenya, lessons that Kenya can take from Peru in expanding avocado exports, and a support strategy for farmers so they can take advantage of export opportunities. Discussions and Q&A sessions will follow the presentations. The event will also include a forum discussion on how Kenya can obtain more benefits from expanding access to the international avocado markets.

Prof Jane Mariara, Executive Director of PEP and PRESM Co-Principal Investigator, will give the event’s opening and closing remarks. She will also chair the forum discussion.

Scientific workshop

A scientific workshop will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, on November 24, 2017 to disseminate and discuss the research findings and policy options presented in several PRESM project papers. The workshop will bring together researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

Workshop sessions will include presentations on the impact of training, certification, and contracting on productive employment in the avocado sector, non-market barriers to entry into the modern avocado sector, and determinants and impacts of side-selling in avocado contract farming.

Both workshops will provide important opportunities for PRESM researchers to share various aspects of the knowledge generated through the project with target audiences. Insights from the workshops will contribute to the PRESM project policy recommendations aiming to ensure productive employment in the sector, including for women and youth. Download the souvenir program.


PRESM is part of the research agenda of the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands through NWO-WOTRO. It is coordinated through a consortium of international research organisations: Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP), Vrije Universiteit (VU Amsterdam), Amsterdam Institute of Global Health and Development (AIGHD), the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK), Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo (GRADE), and the University of Nairobi

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