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 Training material – microeconomic analysis (PMMA program)

Note: In addition to the training material below, PEP also provides lists of recommended readings on various themes under “recommended readings”.

I – Non-experimental impact evaluations



Instrumental variables


Panel data models

Propensity Score Matching

Regime switching models

Regression discontinuity design

II - Poverty/distributive analysis

The links below provide training material on poverty/distributive analysis.

Poverty measure and monitoring

Growth and poverty dynamics

Poverty/distributive policy impact analysis

Multidimensional poverty analysis

Public spending, poverty and equity

III – Software

IV – Courses & Training

Note that PEP offers a series of online training courses on the following subjects:

  • Policy Impact Analysis
  • Computable General Equilibrium Modelling
  • Measuring and Alleviating Poverty and Inequality

Gender Analysis in Economic Policy Research (forthcoming in January 2021)

Courses and training

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