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Training materials in development policy modeling (MPIA)

Follow this link for more information on the type of research, techniques and tools fostered by PEP through the MPIA research support program. Below are provided several links to training materials made available, free of charge, to achieve such research.

PEP Standard CGE Model

  • PEP Standard CGE Model (prepared by Bernard Decaluwé, André Lemelin, Hélène Maisonnave and Véronique Robichaud)

Core Training Manuals on CGE Modeling

The Social Accounting Matrix (SAM)


SAM Balancing Methods and Programs


Poverty Analysis in CGE Models


CGE-Based Microsimulations


Microsimulation for Distributive Analysis


Labour Market Issues

  • Harris and Todaro model of migration, by Touhami Abdelkhalek


Gender Issues




Growth and Dynamic Modeling



  • Data handling using GAMS Data Exchange (GDX) facility, by Erwin Corong.
    Computing for Import Weighted Average Tariff Rates
  • Computing for Import Weighted Average Tariff Rates: Accounting for Changes in Sectoral Aggregation
  • Aggregating Input-Output Table : Accounting for Changes in Sectoral Aggregation
  • CGE model closures in a skeleton world model by André Lemelin (2015)



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