Top Ghanaian newspaper publishes findings of local PEP researchers

Findings from local PEP researchers in Ghana are published in the country’s number one newspaper, the Daily Graphic.

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Ghana’s number one newspaper, the Daily Graphic, published an article by Dr Nkechi S Owoo and Dr Monica Puoma Lambon-Quayefio reporting the main findings and conclusions from their PEP-supported study of the effects of “unions” on the Ghanaian labour market.

Their findings suggest that unions play an important role in improving workers’ awareness of their employment benefits, as well as of the most effective ways to access these benefits.

The findings show that although workers in Ghana are eligible for various benefits - including annual leave, sick leave, and maternity leave for female employees - many are unaware of these benefits and therefore do not take advantage of them. Access to these benefits is important not only for improving the workers’ wellbeing but also is likely to improve the beneficiaries’ quality of work.

The results indicate that women and workers in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors benefit the most from the unions. The researchers also explain that while efforts are currently being made to increase union presence in the informal sector, where over 80% of all workers in Ghana are concentrated, there is scope for improvement.

The research team’s findings were also picked up by The Ghanaian Times newspaper and the radio station, Citi fm.



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