PEP announces three new members to join the Board of Directors

June 2019

Hanan Morsy, Carol Newman and Dominique van de Walle to join the PEP Board of Directors in January 2020.

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June 2019 - PEP is excited to announce the three members who will be joining the Board of Directors at the beginning of next year. Hanan Morsy, Carol Newman and Dominique van de Walle will take the places vacated by Mustapha Nabli, Marie-Claude Martin and Pramila Krishnan, whose mandates end in December 2019.

Hanan Morsy is a renowned macro-economic and public policy expert with vast experience in international financial institutions and the private sector. She is the Director of Macroeconomic Forecasting and Research at the African Development Bank and has previously worked at The European Bank for Reconstruction and Develop and the International Monetary Fund. Dr Morsy has published extensively on wide range of economic and development issues and led a number of major flagship publications.

Carol Newman is a Professor in Economics at the Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin. Her research is in the microeconomics of development with a focus on household and enterprise behaviour. She has published widely in the fields of development and agricultural economics. She is engaged in research projects across Africa and South East Asia. She is a non-resident research fellow of UNU-WIDER, a research associate of the Development Economics Research Group at the University of Copenhagen and a consultant to the World Bank. 

Dominique van de Walle is a development economist who has built her career around the study of poverty and public policy. She spent close to 30 years at the World Bank, mainly in its research department, where she had an impact on the growing emphasis on poverty analysis and policy in the World Bank and the development world. During this time, she turned her poverty focus to social protection, safety nets, impact evaluation and, most recently, gender. She has implemented rigorous impact evaluations and is widely published. 

Chair of the PEP Board of Directors, Mustapha Nabli welcomes the incoming members. He said: “On behalf of PEP and the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome Hanan Morsy, Dominique van de Walle and Carol Newman to the PEP family; we hope they will find it stimulating and productive. Their varied expertise will be an invaluable asset to PEP as the organisation moves forward.” 

A very warm welcome on board!

(From top) Hanan Morsy, Carol Newman, Dominique van de Walle 

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