Thirteen New PEP Research Grants Awarded following June 2010 PEP General Meeting in Dakar!

Congratulations and Welcome to the selected research teams!

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The selection process
The PEP Network provides a sophisticated program of scientific and financial support for research teams in developing countries to conduct state-of-the-art research on poverty issues. PEP research grants are awarded to teams selected in an open but highly competitive call for proposals.   
Each proposal submitted to PEP is carefully examined by leading members of the related research program’s committee, based on a list of selection criteria - feasibility, scientific rigor, policy relevance, etc. Through several rounds of pre-selection, comments and amendments, only a few (less than 10% approval rate) of the most promising research projects will be granted funding. Below is the list of this year’s champions. 

MPIA (3)
MPIA-12028 Resource Boom, Growth and Poverty in Laos. Phouphet Kyophilavong (Lao PDR)
MPIA-12093 Alternative Policy Strategy to ADLI for Ethiopia: A Dynamic CGE Framework Analysis. Lulit Mitik (Ethiopia)
MPIA-12100 Impacts of Infrastructure Investment in South Africa: A Dynamic CGE Analysis. Vandudzai Mbanda (South Africa)
PMMA (6)
PMMA-11864 Efficience de production du secteur informel non-agricole et réduction de la pauvreté au Cameroun.  Justin Bem (Cameroun)
PMMA-11939 Échelles d’équivalence, pauvreté monétaire versus non monétaires et les déterminants de la pauvreté.  Jean Claude Nsabimana (Burundi)
PMMA-12131 Wage and Income Inequalities among Chinese Rural-Urban Migrants from 2002 to 2007. Zhong Zhao (China)
PMMA-12029 Tax reforms in Sri Lanka – will a tax on public servants improve progressivity? Nisha Arunatilake (Sri Lanka)
PMMA-12188 Assessing Local Poverty Alleviation Strategy and Pro-poor Budget. Chitra Septyandrica (Indonesia)
PMMA-12219 Looking for evidence on Inequality Traps in LAC. Persistent lack of Opportunities and Social Immobillity. Guillermo Cruces (Argentina)
PIERI-12213 The Impacts of "Land of Love, Water Cellar for Mothers".  Liguo Lin (China)
PIERI-12095 The Rural Household Income and Poverty Reduction effects of Priority Forestry Programs in China.  Can Liu (China)
PIERI-11984 The Impact of Tuition Relief Programs in Senior High School on Poor Students in Rural China.  Xinxin Chen (China)
PIERI-12000 Impact Evaluation of the Brazilian Pension Program “Benefício de Prestação Continuada (BPC)” on Family Welfare.  Ana Lucia Kassouf (Brazil)



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