Risk tolerance, gender, and entrepreneurship: the case of the occupied Palestine territory

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Supported under the first (2013) round of the PAGE initiative, this study analyzes the inter-relationships between entrepreneurial propensity, fear of failure (fof) and gender, using the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Adult Population Survey (APS). The results show that "fear of failure", higher among women, negatively affects entrepreneurial status while "skill perception" does the opposite. Policy implications of this research point to the importance of reducing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and, in order to encourage more females to be entrepreneurs, to the importance of implementing measures to improve their skill perception. Find out more about the research method, findings and ensued policy recommendations through the PEP publications below:


Project webpage and video | Working paper 2015-11 Policy brief 118 | Slide presentation | More about the PEP-PAGE initiative

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