CGE Modeling

SAM and multipliers


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Functional Forms

Programming with GAMS (or EViews)

CGE related Materials

Trade liberalization

Standard Trade CGE Models

Non Standard CGE Models

Multi-Country Models

Trade Liberalization, Poverty and Income Distribution

Trade Liberalisation and Labor Market


Poverty & Income Distribution Analysis

Analysing Macro-Poverty Linkages


Reconciliation of household survey and national accounts data

Poverty & Income Distribution Effects of Trade Liberalization


Labour Market - Endogenous Labor

General readings


Labour Market - Exogenous Labor

Skilled vs. Unskilled

Men vs. Women

Formal vs. Informal

Public vs. Private

Rural vs. Urban

Agriculture vs. Non Agriculture

White vs. Black

Permanent Worker vs. Casual Worker vs. Family Worker

Labor Market Structure

Exogenous Wage setting

Minimum Wage

Efficiency Wage

Union and Wage Bargaining

Adjustment cost

Unemployment subsidy and reserve wage

Endogenous Labour - Others


Growth & Poverty

Growth and Poverty

Public Spending and Growth: CGE

Public Spending and Growth: non-CGE





Modeling the Agriculture

Modeling the Agricultural Sector


CGE applications on the Agricultural Sector

Productivity, production factors and labour

Poverty and household income

Markets and trade policies

GHG Mitigation, biofuels and iLUC

Climate Change


Natural resources

Fossil fuel


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