PEP reading and training material updated and easier to consult

September 2020

PEP has updated its training material and recommended readings, which are now hosted on the Mendeley reference manager.

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PEP has updated its lists of training material and recommended readings and has migrated these resources to Mendeley, a free reference manager and academic social network.

This update is part of our efforts to provide PEP researchers, other developing country researchers and members of the global economic development community access to the most relevant and up-to-date research tools.

We invite you to explore the updated training material, organised by methodology:

We have also updated our recommended readings on a wide variety of themes:

  • Gender and women’s economic empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion
  • Youth employment
  • Social protection
  • Climate change and vulnerable populations
  • Agriculture and rural population
  • Poverty and Inequality

Readings and training material by PEP are available for free. The lists also include links to external sources that may be free where copyright considerations allow.

To take full advantage of Mendeley, we strongly encourage you to create a Mendeley account and install Mendeley Desktop. Using the desktop application allows you to navigate easily in the various reading lists (including access to folders that organize readings by sub-themes), share references with your fellow researchers and create automatic bibliographies for your research papers. To learn more about Mendeley, its features and benefits, please consult the video demo and guide.

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