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Luca Tiberti appointed as new coordinator of the PEP-PMMA research support program

The PEP-PMMA program supports research and capacity development in microeconomic analysis in developing countries

New findings published from a PEP-supported project led by local researchers in Macedonia

Youth self-employment in households receiving remittances in Macedonia - project supported under the PEP-PAGE initiative

Two new PEP impact stories : Macedonia and Argentina

Two PEP-PAGE projects contribute to influence national policy debates and decision-making in Argentina and Macedonia.

17 new project teams selected for support under the 2nd PAGE funding round

72 developing country researchers to benefit from PEP’s unique research support and capacity building program

PEP presents a set of recommendations from 2014 Policy Forum on "Fostering Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Growth and Poverty Reduction"

A document presenting the main conclusions and recommendations ensued from discussion panels of the 2014 PEP Policy Forum, held in Bolivia (May 7), is now available for download here.




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