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PEP national policy conference held in the DRC to discuss findings on youth migration and employment

May 21, 2016 | Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

A team of local PEP researchers in the Democratic Republic of Congo held a national policy conference in Goma to present their findings on the impact of internal migration on youth employment and entrepreneurship.

New PEP Call for Proposals

Submissions deadline: September 15, 2016

Submit your proposal to receive PEP support for non-experimental research projects for policy analysis on growth and employment in developing countries.

PEP national policy conferences held in Cameroon and Vietnam

Teams of local researchers in Cameroon and in Vietnam have organized national policy conferences to share the findings and recommendations from their PEP-supported research.

PEP research-based articles to be published in the Journal of Development Studies

Two articles based on research undertaken, as part of the PAGE initiative, by PEP-supported research teams in Chad and in Cambodia will be published in the Journal of Development Studies

PEP research findings are reported in national newspapers in Cambodia and the CAR

Findings from local PEP researchers receive important media coverage in Cambodia and the Central African Republic.

PEP impact story: PEP research informs new policies to better alleviate poverty in Nigeria

Local PEP researchers in Nigeria are called on to inform key policy decisions using their PEP findings. The outstanding outcomes of this PEP project, both in terms of research and policy impact, are summarized here.

PEP research-based article to be published in the Journal of Development Studies

An article on the findings of a PAGE-supported study, co-authored by the project leader and the team’s PEP mentor will be published in the Journal of Development Studies.

Top Ghanaian newspaper publishes findings of local PEP researchers

Findings from local PEP researchers in Ghana are published in the country’s number one newspaper, the Daily Graphic.




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