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to the PEP-Laval Intensive Graduate School in Development Economics, to be held in Quebec City, Canada from June 3 to 23, 2012.

Educational reform in Argentina: PEP researchers find no impact on labor outcomes for low-income youth

The evidence suggests that the increase in the number of years of compulsory education was not enough to induce better employment perspectives for young people living in poverty

2005-2007 conditional cash transfers in Uruguay had no impact on education and labor outcomes

            PEP researchers make policy recommendations to improve future interventions

Assessing the impact of conditional cash transfer programs on household behaviors in Paraguay

            Find out how conditional cash transfers influence household behaviors in terms of education, health, consumption and savings...

PEP researchers evaluate the impact of educational cash transfer programs on teen pregnancy in Colombia

     CCT programs have the potential to contribute to the improvement of multiple dimensions of socioeconomic well-being, but should be carefully designed in order to positively affect desired outcomes.

New Research Initiative: Impact Evaluation of an Innovative Program to Improve Sanitation Practices in Rural Mali

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has granted support to Universidad Nacional de La Plata for the conduct of a CEDLAS-PEP-UNICEF project to evaluate the impact of a program being implemented in Mali, in the context of a new approach to meet the MDGs’ sanitation target. This impact evaluation will be conducted following the PEP-PIERI methodologies.

Call for papers organized by CISS and UIA

Work around retirement age in the Americas

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