PEP in your language

August 2019

Use free browser tools to view the PEP website in your language.

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You are accessing PEP using an unencrypted connection. For your security, PEP only supports account logins using a secure protocol such as HTTPS. You can switch to HTTPS by trying to view this page again after changing the URL in your browser's location bar to begin with "https" instead of "http". Please contact site admin for help if this error continues.

Improvements in translation technology allow web users to consult more websites than ever before. 

A number of free browser tools can easily translate texts, web pages or even entire websites, including, into a huge number of languages. 

To help make the PEP website more accessible, we have added simple instructions for using free browser-based translation tools. Click the new “languages” icon on the toolbar.

The instructions are available in EnglishFrench, and Spanish.

PEP suggests using Google’s Chrome browser as it automatically offers to translate pages that are not in the language of your browser setting. The translation and graphic quality is superior to other free tools and over 100 languages are supported.

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