PEP welcomes Professor Margaret Chitiga as new MPIA Research Director

January 17, 2018

Professor Margaret Chitiga takes on new role as MPIA Research Director.

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January 17, 2018 – PEP welcomes Professor Margaret Chitiga, former PEP researcher and current PEP resource person, as the new Research Director for Macro-micro Policy Modeling (MPIA).

Margaret brings a wealth of research, teaching, and administrative experience to the role. She is the Director of the School of Public Management and Administration at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. She was previously a professor in the University’s Department of Economics. As well as teaching, she supervised many PhD and Master’s students. She was also the Executive Director of the Economic Performance and Development program at the Human Sciences Research Council in South Africa.

In her research, Margaret focuses on analyzing the economy-wide impacts of public policies and other shocks. She is particularly interested in impacts on poverty, inequality and unemployment.

Margaret was also PEP’s first grantee, for a project providing analysis of the “Impact of trade policies on poverty in Zimbabwe” using micro-simulation techniques.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Professor Chitiga as the new MPIA Research Director. I think it is very fitting that PEP’s first grantee will now be leading the modeling research group,” said Prof Jane Mariara, Executive Director of PEP.

On her appointment, Margaret said: “I am looking forward to being reunited with the PEP family and to making a difference through research.”

Margaret takes over from Professor Hélène Maisonnave who is stepping down from this role after five years of dedication to PEP’s mission and many great accomplishments.

Although relinquishing the position of Research Director, Hélène remains a highly-valued PEP resource person. Prof Mariara said: “I thank Hélène for her great leadership of the MPIA research group over the past years and I am grateful for her continued collaboration with PEP.”



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