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PEP-w-t (Multi-Region, Recursive Dynamic World Model)

Véronique Robichaud, André Lemelin, Bernard Decaluwé and Hélène Maisonnave

From this page, you can download all files and documentation relating to the PEP-w-t model developed by four members of the PEP research network. The PEP-w-t model extends the PEP-w-1 worldwide multiregional model to a recursive dynamic model. Its dynamics is similar to the dynamics of PEP-1-t, insofar as the GTAP database permits. PEP-w-t is the fourth research tool of the Standard PEP Model project that emerged spontaneously from the friendship and long-standing association between the co-authors. With this model, we pursue the goals that we had initially set ourselves: to crystallize our joint CGE modeling experience, and to share the result with the PEP MPIA Network, and with the modeling community at large. In addition, PEP-w-t is another step towards a deepening of our understanding of CGE analysis and the development modeling techniques that will tackle new problems.     


Version 4.1 replaces versions 4.0 and 1.4. PEP-w-t version 4.1 uses the GTAP 8.1 database. Changes since version 1.4 have been considerable. With respect to version 4.0, version 4.1 is an update. For that reason, the version 4.0 document remains valid and has not been replaced. But we urge users to take a look at the document entitled “The PEP standard multi-region, recursive dynamic world CGE model: Update, with a reference scenario”.     

The authors wish to thank the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP: for granting us permission to distribute our 14 region, 4 industry aggregation of the GTAP 8.1 data base.    
As usual, we have tried to eliminate as many errors and « misprints » as possible in this document. Needless to say, we welcome comments that will help us improve either the model or its presentation. Readers are invited to send their comments to André Lemelin at the following address:

How to get PEP-w-t Files

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To obtain PEP-w-t v4.0.pdf click HERE

In this file you will find a complete technical description of the PEP w-t model (Multi-Region, Recursive Dynamic World Model).

To obtain PEP-w-t click HERE

This file contains the data, the GAMS code as well as the documentation for the PEP w-t model. We have also added a PDF document on how to create input files for DATA_AGG. This note contains a description of the steps that precede data aggregation using the DATA_AGG.gms program. It is intended for users who have a GTAP licence and would like to use the PEP-w-* models with their own aggregation.



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