PEP thanks Hélène Maisonnave for her exceptional contribution

February 2, 2018

PEP thanks Hélène Maisonnave for her exceptional contribution to the PEP mission and celebrates her many great accomplishments.

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February 2, 2018 – As she steps down from the role of MPIA Research Director, PEP thanks Hélène Maisonnave for her exceptional contribution to the PEP mission and celebrates her many great accomplishments.

After initially joining PEP in 2010 as a resource person for the macro-micro modeling research group (MPIA), Hélène Maisonnave was soon asked to take on the leadership of the group. Hélène took over the role of MPIA Research Director from Bernard Decaluwé upon his retirement in 2012.

In this role she has coordinated all MPIA activities, including 26 projects supported in 14 developing countries under the first and second phases of the PEP-PAGE initiative.

She has also provided training and direct mentoring for dozens of PEP research project teams around the world. Hélène (co-) organized 14 PEP schools in countries around Africa—including South Africa, Burkina Faso, Chad, Senegal, and Uganda—together with intensive training workshops during PEP Annual Conferences.

As well as directly supporting numerous early-career researchers, Hélène has also contributed to the development of cutting-edge research tools. She is coauthor of the well-known series of PEP CGE models (PEP-1-1, PEP-1-t, PEP-w-1, PEP-w-t) and related tools (e.g., the Debugator).  

Together with Bernard Decaluwé and Lulit Mitik, Hélène initiated the first PEP institutionalization project, conceptualized and channeled through the MPIA group under the second phase of the PAGE initiative. The objective of this innovative support is to develop and establish expertise in policy analysis using CGE models within a competitively-selected research center, and to bridge research and policy through an institutionalized approach.

On stepping down as Research Director, Hélène said: “I have really enjoyed working with the great MPIA team. I thank them for their hard work and wish them the best going forwards.”

Although relinquishing the position of Research Director, Hélène remains a highly-valued PEP resource person. Executive Director, Prof Jane Mariara said: “On behalf of PEP, I sincerely thank Hélène for her expert leadership of the MPIA research group over the past years. Her exceptional contribution to PEP’s mission is greatly appreciated. We are very grateful for her continued collaboration with PEP. We are delighted we can count on her expertise and look forward to working together for many years to come.”



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