PEP-supported research presented at international conferences in Asia

Islamabad, Pakistan (December 11-13, 2012) and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (December 22-23, 2012)

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Pakistan: 15th Sustainable Development Conference

PEP researchers Vaqar Ahmed and Yumei Zhang were invited to present their work and findings at the 15th Sustainable Development Conference (SDC) organized by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in Islamabad, Pakistan, on December 11-13, 2012. This year's event was entitled "Sustainable Development in South Asia: Shaping the Future".

With an audience of over 2500 from both the public and private sectors, the SDC series is a prime conference that provides a forum for researchers and academics in the region to share their work and engage in a dialogue with interested parties, and that usually sets the tone and discourse for sustainable development in South Asia.

This year, in particular, PEP researchers were invited to host a panel on the "Role of Public Infrastructure in Reshaping Asia's Future", in which they presented their recently published papers from research work they had conducted with PEP support, under a special AusAID-commissioned project. In this project, 3 PEP-supported research teams in China, Pakistan and the Philippines were mandated to develop and apply sophisticated macro-micro simulation techniques, as fostered through PEP research, to assess the effectiveness of public infrastructure investments as an inclusive growth strategy.
Two of the country studies, namely China and Pakistan, were presented during the special panel of the conference in Islamabad. To find out more about the presented research work, see:

Malaysia: 3rd International Conference on Economics, Business and Management

PEP researchers Phouphet Kyophilavong, Chanthachone Senesouphap and Somnack Yawdhacksa, were invited to present their research work and findings from PEP-supported project "Resource Boom, Growth and Poverty in Laos: Lessons from Other Countries and Policy Simulations", at the 3rd International Conference on Economics, Business and Management (ICEBM 2012), held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on December 22-23, 2012.

Organized on an annual basis by the International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC), these (ICEBM) conferences aim to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers and scholars to share experiences, new ideas and research results regarding a wide range of issues related to "Economics, Business and Management", discussing of practical challenges encountered as well as various solutions adopted.

Find out more about the presented PEP research project and related policy findings through the following
PEP policy brief 104 : Resource Boom, Growth and Poverty in Laos: Lessons from Other Countries and Policy Simulations

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