PEP staff contribute to new publication on world poverty

March 2017

PEP staff contribute chapter on child poverty to new publication discussing how to reduce and eradicate extreme poverty worldwide.

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PEP’s Scientific Advisor, John Cockburn, in collaboration with Yélé Batana, former PEP resource person, contributed a chapter on the global poverty rates of children adults and the elderly to Pauvreté quotidienne, pauvreté planétaire (Daily Poverty, World Poverty) – a new French-language publication looking at poverty as a social phenomenon, an individual experience, and the object of public policy.

The collective work discusses ways to reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty worldwide. The authors argue that we need to rethink how we understand poverty and the policies that aim to reduce it. Only by investing in human capital will those in poverty become agents for change.

Edited by Gérard Duhaime and Roberson Édouard, Pauvreté quotidienne, pauvreté planétaire includes texts, by Jeanine Anderson, Daniela Bas, Nicole Bousquet, Gérard Duhaime, Roberson Édouard, Guy Fréchet, Yélé Maweki Batana, Christopher McAll, Michel Messu, John Murray Cockburn and Paul Sabourin. Find out more (French only).



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