PEP researcher returns to Université Laval for study visit thanks to SRA award

November 2017 | Quebec City, Canada

Aleksandra Anic, a previously-funded PEP researcher, spent four weeks at Université Laval in Canada having received a 2017 Sylff Research Abroad award.

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November, 2017 - PEP researcher, Aleksandra Anic, from the University of Belgrade, Serbia, spent four weeks at Université Laval in Canada—a PEP partner institution —following her selection in July 2017 for a Sylff Research Abroad (SRA) award.

Aleksandra Anic is one of 14 recipients of the SRA for 2017. The funding meant she could travel to Canada for a study visit to work on her PhD investigating whether the unemployed and inactive in Serbia have incentives to work for the market wage. PEP Research Director for Microeconomic Analysis, Luca Tiberti, acted as her supervisor at Université Laval.

During the study visit Ms. Anic had regular meetings with her supervisor, meetings with specialists on her research topic, and access to the facilities of Université Laval’s Department of Economics. She presented her research to the Department at weekly seminars. She also visited Université du Québec à Montréal to give a seminar.

The experience was very valuable to Ms. Anic. She said: "The SRA award is one of my greatest successes. Nowadays, the competition among PhD students is enormous and it is difficult to get funding for the study visits. This study visit improved my paper significantly, thanks to the many useful comments I received, particularly from my host supervisor Luca Tiberti."

Ms. Anic previously visited Université Laval in early 2016 for a study visit as part of a PEP-PAGE project on the topic of “Reducing child poverty in Serbia: cash transfers or work incentives?” The project was selected in 2015 under the third round of PAGE funding.

SRA supports dissertation-related academic research in a foreign country for current or past Sylff fellowship recipients enrolled in a doctoral program. Grants of up to US$5,000 are provided to successful applicants.

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