PEP researcher awarded Ministry of Education grant to investigate youth employment outcomes in Kyrgyzstan

March 2017 | Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

PEP researcher Burulcha Sulaimanova has been awarded a Ministry of Education grant for her research proposal on “Education-job mismatch and employment outcomes of youth in Kyrgyzstan”

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March 2017 - Burulcha Sulaimanova, a PEP researcher in Kyrgyzstan, has been awarded a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic for her research proposal: “Education-job mismatch and employment outcomes of youth in Kyrgyzstan”. Her proposal was developed under the supervision of another PEP researcher, Kamalbek Karymshakov.

This research grant was established by the Ministry of Education and Science to support young scientists of Kyrgyzstan. On March 23, 2017, the Ministry presented Sulaimanova with a certificate during a ceremony to confirm and celebrate the young scientists’ achievements (pictured right).

Following their excellent work on the PEP project investigating the Impact of remittances on youth labor in Kyrgyzstan, Sulaimanova and Karymshakov have received a number of invitations to share their knowledge and undertake further research using similar methodologies and on similar themes. The Kyrgyzstan National Institute of Strategic Studies invited Karymshakov and Sulaimanova to conduct research on the impact of the economic crisis in Russia on migration from Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, Sulaimanova and Karymshakov’s paper on the impact of migration on labor participation and time-use of left-behind women was selected for UNU-WIDER funding. Find out more in the PEP Impact Brief.



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