PEP local researchers in Cameroon inform national leaders of the links between productivity in the informal sector and poverty reduction

March 6, 2013 - Yaounde, Cameroon

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On March 6, 2013, a group of local researchers in Cameroon presented their PEP-supported research findings during a PEP-sponsored national policy seminar, held in Yaoudé and entitled “Productivity of the informal, non-agricultural sector, and poverty reduction in Cameroon (in French)”.

Find out more about this particular project's policy findings and recommendations through the PEP policy brief 102 (in French). 

The PEP researchers involved are: Justin BEM, Joubert Pierre NGUETSE TEGOUM and Christian EMINI (as PEP resource person/representative)

A total of 70 participants attended the event. Apart from scholars and academics from various research institutes and universities in the country, the event gathered policy makers and stakeholders from several national government agencies – including the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, Ministry of Public Markets - as well as representatives from regional/international institutions – the Bank of Central African States, the International Labour Organization – and other national institutions and private sector’s representatives - the Technical Committee in charge of Monitoring Economic Programs and the Inter-employers’ Group of Cameroon (GICAM, in French).

The event was widely covered by national media – radio and television reports/interviews, and you may also find examples of newspaper articles here – and GICAM published an article based on the researchers’ paper/findings in its quarterly news bulletin (find it here) – all publications are in French.  

Following the event, PEP researcher Pierre Joubert Nguetse received acknowledgements and congratulations from high-level officials of the Ministry of Economy and Planning (where he worked) and was appointed Chief of the National Development Strategy Unit (to lead the design of this strategy). Sometime during the project, the team’s leader Justin Bem had also been recruited by the Bank of Central African States.

Moreover, based on previous consultations with the team, the Ministry of Finance and Budget has implemented a “guarantee fund”, similar to that suggested in their study’s recommendations, but for the small and medium enterprises - rather than for the informal sector, as recommended.   



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