PEP experts discuss findings at Youth Transitions Conference

February 20, 2020 | Geneva, Switzerland

PEP’s Executive Director, Prof. Jane Mariara, and Research Director for Microeconomic Analysis, Dr. Luca Tiberti spoke at the 2020 Youth Transitions Conference.

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February 20, 2020 - PEP’s Executive Director, Prof. Jane Mariara, and Research Director for Microeconomic Analysis, Dr. Luca Tiberti discussed a variety of issues facing youth at the 2020 Global Interdisciplinary Policy Research Conference on Youth Transitions in Geneva, Switzerland.

As part of a discussion on moving the youth entrepreneurship debate forward, Prof. Mariara presented a range of findings—many from PEP research—on the prospects for and challenges to youth entrepreneurship in developing countries. These included training and skills, access to credit, motives, and behavioural patterns. She highlighted areas where more research is needed to help design policies that can nurture youth’s entrepreneurial propensity.

Dr. Tiberti spoke about climate shocks, transition to adulthood and resilience measures as part of a discussion on the future of agriculture and environment transition as regards youth. He showed that girls and young women are especially vulnerable to climate shocks, exacerbating gender gaps as youth become adults. He discussed how climate shocks affect school dropouts, entering the labour market, youth migration, and early marriage and fertility. Finally, he identified several policy interventions that may help youth, and especially young women, protect themselves against climate shocks. 

Prof. Mariara and Dr. Tiberti both received feedback and questions from the audience, to explore the issues discussed in greater depth.

The conference brought together researchers from various academic disciplines and policy think tanks around the world. It was organised by the Graduate Institute Geneva, Decent Jobs for Youth, and the International Labour Organization. PEP supported the conference as an outreach partner. 

Photos from top:
Prof. Jane Mariara presenting, by INCLUDE; 
Dr. Luca Tiberti speaking, with fellow panellists, by Jonas Bausch



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