PEP Executive Director invited to participate in high–level panel discussion at 2nd African Think Tank Summit in Ethiopia

UNECA Conference Center, Addis Abeba – 6-8 April 2015

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A panel of think tank executives will provide specific case examples with strategies that demonstrate how they have provided the intellectual fire-power to help policy-makers in government, civil society and the private sector tackle the key structural transformation issues facing Africa.

PEP Executive Director Bekele Shiferaw is participating in this high–level panel discussion on the theme "Forging Public Private Partnerships In Support of Africa’s Structural Transformation".

The Second African Think Tank Summit, "The Rise of Africa’s Think Tanks – Practical Solutions to Practical Problems", will explore ways in which Africa’s think tanks are currently making a difference in the continent’s transformation, and how they can become increasingly relevant and important contributors as the vision for Africa in 2063 rolls out.

It is organized by the African Capacity Building (ACBF), the Africa Leadership Foundation, the Think Tank and Civil Society Programme of the University of Pennsylvania (TTCSP), the Think Tank Initiative (TTI), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) who will host the Summit.


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