Job offer: Digital and Social Media Officer

Application deadline: January 22, 2021

PEP is looking for a specialist in digital and social media communications to help promote PEP research, events and network activities through a range of digital platforms.

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PEP is seeking a qualified Digital and Social Media Officer to help promote PEP research, events and network activities through a range of digital platforms.

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About the job

In line with and building on the key orientations and objectives of the overall PEP communication strategy, the specialist will work in close consultation with the PEP Communications Director and Officer to develop and operationalize a strategic approach to help promote PEP research, events and network activities through a range of digital platforms. 

This is a remote working position with a preliminary trial period of one month, and if successful, an initial contract for five months (up to August 2021). If the collaboration through this initial contractor position is deemed productive, and funding is available, PEP will consider awarding a full-time (staff) position.


Specific responsibilities of the position will include

  • Developing, advising on and creating high-quality, compelling digital contents for the PEP website and social media channels, while exploring a range of multimedia assets, to engage existing and new target audiences and raise the external profile of the organization. 
  • Developing and implementing an effective social media and email marketing strategy to grow readership/followers, and managing the organisation’s social media accounts. 
  • Creating and implementing engaging digital campaigns for key PEP outputs, and regularly analysing and reporting on communications performance.  
  • Exploring and implementing digital tools, platforms and approaches to consolidate and expand the “PEP online community”.
  • Providing ad-hoc advisory and digital support to PEP partners and researchers as required.
  • Download the announcement for more details.


Experience and skills

Must possess excellent digital and communication skills, along with the ability to work on multiple projects and meet deadlines. In particular, consideration will be given to candidates who show expertise in a variety of digital tools, virtual platforms and social media campaigns, and are ready to take on an exciting challenge in boosting the international visibility of the organisation. 


  • Experience in: 
    • Establishing and maintaining online communities
    • Managing and creating content for social media platforms
    • Developing and producing a range of multimedia content
    • Designing and facilitating virtual meetings
    • Measuring and reporting the performance of digital content, events or social media campaigns using analytics tools.
  • Proactivity and autonomy 
  • Excellent understanding of the newest trends or changes in social networking sites
  • Creative flair and experience in creating simple, clear and innovative content to communicate complex issues for large but segmented audiences
  • Ability to manage multiple or large-scale projects effectively, and to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Detail- and results-oriented, highly organized, excellent (English) writing skills
  • Must be comfortable working with colleagues remotely


  • Experience working with (or for an audience of) international development partners 
  • Strong design and HTML skills, including command of Adobe Creative Suite tools, infographic design tools and content management systems
  • Experience working with multi-cultural environments, global networks and/or multilateral initiatives 
  • Keen interest in and knowledge of international relief and development or related fields; prior experience working at an international organization strongly preferred
  • A strong technical background, including experience as a web programmer or webmaster
  • Spoken and written French or Spanish is a plus

How to apply

Applications will be accepted up to January 22, 2021.

Please submit your letter of motivation and CV/resume (maximum 2 pages per document) to

The letter should (briefly) describe:

  • Your previous relevant experience and results in developing and/or managing an organisation’s digital and social media strategy.
  • Your interpretation of the Terms of Reference (job description) and expected deliverables described above. 
  • Your understanding of PEP’s online presence and needs – including a few proposed changes you would make to PEP social media presence and digital strategy 


Download the full announcement (PDF)

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