PEP’s development economics online classes are on YouTube

Watch all the lessons from PEP’s development economics online courses on YouTube.

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The lessons for all of PEP’s online training courses are available for free on PEP’s YouTube page (

The popularity and possibilities of online learning have been growing over recent years, allowing more and more people to benefit. The current pandemic has highlighted the important role that online classes play for learners throughout the world. As swift action must be taken, the need has also increased for training and tools to analyse poverty and inequality, and to analyse and simulate policy impacts.

As part of its capacity building mission, PEP has made the narrated presentations from its online courses available for free on YouTube. The video capsules cover the full contents of PEP’s three one-semester, graduate-level courses in development economics:

They are also available in French. A new course on Gender Analysis in Economic Policy Research will be added in January 2021.

Since 2018, PEP has offered affordable online classes to help developing-country researchers contribute to the design of effective national growth and poverty reduction strategies at home. For PEP-funded researchers, these courses complement in-person training workshops and benefit all members of the research teams.

By registering for PEP's online training courses, offered in collaboration with Université Laval (Canada), participants formalise their learning experience. PEP and Université Laval provide official transcripts to those who complete a course, and award a graduate microprogram certificate to those who pass all three courses. These credits are recognised by Université Laval – should participants choose to pursue graduate studies there – and may be recognised by other academic institutions.

During the course period, registered participants also benefit from interaction with teachers and other participants (via the course forum), guided practical exercises using real data, personalised evaluations, access to GAMS or Stata software (depending on the course), and the Université Laval virtual library.

While the class presentations are available throughout the year on YouTube, the evaluated courses run from January to April each year. 

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