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PEP researchers analyze the impact of the global financial crisis on poverty in Uruguay

"The poorest households are found to be the most severely affected by the global financial crisis in Uruguay, through wage reduction and rise in unemployment" 

PEP researchers find sources of poverty and inequality in Cameroon from the analysis of national household survey data

  Identifying explanatory factors for both poverty and gender disparities in Cameroon..

PEP researchers assess the impact of major tax reform on poverty and inequality in Uruguay

PEP researchers find that "general equilibrium" effects of macro changes induced by the tax reform result in significant reduction of poverty incidence and inequality

PEP Nigerian researchers revise poverty assessments from a multidimensional perspective

Publication of findings from a PEP-supported research project on "The Determinants of Multidimensional Poverty in Nsukka, Nigeria"

Publication of PEP findings on maternal and child multidimensional well-being in Kenya

Results from analyzing the multidimensional determinants of maternal and child poverty provide important policy insights for improving human capital investments in Kenya

CBMS training workshop to assist local authorities in addressing environmental issues

CBMS training workshop to assist local authorities in addressing environmental issues

Role of CBMS in the fight against child labor

In collaboration with ILO-Philippines, the CBMS network provides a training series to build the capacity of local government units in the analysis of child labor issues and their implications on development outcomes..




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