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PEP researchers expose missing dimensions in poverty accounts through household survey in Chad capital city N’Djamena

  Results show that the contribution of these new “qualitative” dimensions – such as job insecurity or lack of physical safety – is considerable in the general level of deprivation for households’ well-being in Chad

2005-2007 conditional cash transfers in Uruguay had no impact on education and labor outcomes

            PEP researchers make policy recommendations to improve future interventions

Assessing the impact of conditional cash transfer programs on household behaviors in Paraguay

            Find out how conditional cash transfers influence household behaviors in terms of education, health, consumption and savings...

PEP researchers evaluate the impact of educational cash transfer programs on teen pregnancy in Colombia

     CCT programs have the potential to contribute to the improvement of multiple dimensions of socioeconomic well-being, but should be carefully designed in order to positively affect desired outcomes.

PEP Schools now in Latin America: Uruguay 2012

New PEP School on "Modelling the Impact of Macroeconomic Policies and Shocks" in Montevideo, Uruguay. February 13 to May 4, 2012. In collaboration with el Centro de Investigaciones Economicas (CINVE).

PEP researchers analyze the impact of the global financial crisis on poverty in Uruguay

"The poorest households are found to be the most severely affected by the global financial crisis in Uruguay, through wage reduction and rise in unemployment" 

PEP researchers find sources of poverty and inequality in Cameroon from the analysis of national household survey data

  Identifying explanatory factors for both poverty and gender disparities in Cameroon..

PEP researchers assess the impact of major tax reform on poverty and inequality in Uruguay

PEP researchers find that "general equilibrium" effects of macro changes induced by the tax reform result in significant reduction of poverty incidence and inequality


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