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PEP researchers assess the impact of trade liberalization on poverty in Ethiopia

Results from simulations of different policy scenarios suggest that further trade liberalization would not only have little effect on the overall economy in Ethiopia, but also lead to an increase in national poverty rates...

PEP researchers in Sri Lanka assess the effectiveness of a major social welfare programme in addressing multidimensional poverty issues

           Multidimensional Poverty among Welfare Recipients: a Case Study of the Samurdhi Programme in Sri Lanka

PEP researchers in Vietnam examine the impact of privatization on economic growth and poverty reduction

PEP researchers find that privatization does not contribute to job creation in the long term in Vietnam, and that the current "skill" situation of the labour force will create a "bottle neck" for the country's economic growth in the near future.. 

The PEP 2010-2011 Annual Report is now available online

      PEP 2010-2011 Annual Report now online!                                            




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