New Book on Applied Research in Economics by PEP Research Fellow

PEP Research Fellow, Abdoulaye Seck, has book on applied research in economics published.

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La recherche appliquée en économie - Méthodologie, communication scientifique et financement” (Research Methodology and Scientific Communication in Applied Economics) by PEP Research Fellow, Abdoulaye Seck contributes to the practice and teaching of applied economic research. 

The book provides a lot of practical advice for economic researchers. As may be expected from the title, it includes a detailed overview of the components of a research paper—from the abstract to the appendices, covering the literature review, methodology, results and conclusion among many others. However, it also covers how to communicate scientific research to different audiences and a chapter on research funding.  The book concludes with a series of proposals for how to make African academic institutions spaces where talented intellectuals, especially young researchers, can flourish.

Abdoulaye Seck is a former economic advisor at the Ministry of Agriculture in Senegal and is now Professor of Economics at Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD) in Dakar, Senegal, as such he has experience of both the academic and policy spheres. His research interests and his teaching at various levels span fields such as Research Methodology and Communication, International Trade, Development Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Agriculture, Environment, and Applied Econometrics. His teaching experience earned him the title “Best Lecturer of the Year” (2015, UCAD), and his research articles have been published in a number of high-level international peer-review journals, including The World Economy, Journal of African Economies, and Journal of African Trade.

Mr. Seck will be attending the 2019 PEP Annual Conference Policy Day on June 1 as a discussant.


La recherche appliquée en économie by Abdoulaye Seck is published by Harmattan Sénégal and available in print and digital formatsRead an extract (in French). 

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