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29 project teams selected for first round of PAGE II support

September 2017

143 developing country researchers will benefit from PEP support under the first round of the new PAGE II initiative.

Introducing a minimum wage can improve well-being

July 2017

PEP findings indicate that setting or raising the minimum wage can have positive income and well-being effects, provided it is managed appropriately.

Highlights from the 2017 PEP Annual Conference in Kenya

June 8-14, 2017 | Nairobi, Kenya

The 2017 PEP Annual Conference in Kenya brought together around 150 researchers, practitioners, international experts, representatives of donor and international organizations, and policy actors from 39 countries for a highly successful event.

New PEP Call for Proposals

Submission deadline: September 13, 2017

Submit your proposal to receive PEP support for research projects on the theme of policy analysis on growth and employment in developing countries.

2017 PEP Annual Conference in Kenya

June 8-14, 2017 | Nairobi, Kenya

PEP conferences gather hundreds of development researchers, practitioners, leading experts, and policy stakeholders from around the world, to discuss the issues, challenges, and opportunities related to development research, policy analysis, and advisory work.

PEP impact story: PEP research informs Ministry of Finance Action Plan in the Central African Republic

April 2017

Findings by local PEP researchers inform Ministry of Finance Action Plan on foreign investment in the Central African Republic.

MPIA recommended readings list updated

April 2017

The General Readings list for MPIA had been updated to include recent literature.

The first PEP institutionalization project, supported under PAGE II, gets underway

January-April, 2017 | Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

PEP resource persons travel to Mongolia to meet and advise the first institution benefitting from the new PEP institutionalization project grant. The project is also the first to be selected for support under PEP's PAGE II initiative.

PEP researcher presents findings at 2017 IMF Conference on Gender and Macroeconomics

March 23, 2017 | Washington, D.C., USA

PEP researcher, Thierry Babilla, presented his team’s findings on the impact of limited credit access on female entrepreneurship in Cameroon during the 2017 IMF Conference on Gender and Macroeconomics.

Impact of rural guaranteed work scheme in India discussed at PEP national policy conference

November 26, 2016 | Guwahati, India

A team of local PEP researchers held a national policy conference to discuss their findings and recommendations regarding the Indian government’s rural guaranteed work scheme.




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