Putting innovation into practice: New Year's message from PEP's leadership team

January 2018

PEP's Chair of the Board, Mustapha Nabli, and Executive Director, Prof. Jane Mariara, reflect on 2017 achievements and look forward to the opportunities 2018 will bring for PEP and PEP researchers.

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Innovation and visibility

In 2017 PEP put innovation into practice as the first round of PAGE II projects got underway and second-round projects were shortlisted. It was also a year that significantly raised PEP’s profile as an international source of high-quality research for policy.

The PAGE II initiative brought with it a number of new features aiming to better equip PEP researchers to produce high-quality and policy-relevant evidence:

Following the conclusion of the first PAGE initiative at the end of 2016, and the STAARS and PRESM programs in 2017, PEP researchers and their work were showcased on the national and international stages.

Papers from twelve of these PEP-supported projects were (or will soon be) published in international peer-reviewed journals, and seven more were featured in one of the most distinguished Philippine journals. PEP researchers and staff also participated in nearly 20 national and international conferences, meetings, and workshops.

Word from the PEP Board and Management

PEP's Chair of the Board, Mustapha Nabli, and Executive Director, Prof. Jane Mariara, look back on the achievements of 2017 and look forward to the opportunities 2018 will bring for PEP and PEP researchers.

This year PEP has been working diligently to promote the findings and expertise of our researchers as well as to strengthen partnerships with key research institutions in developing countries. Through various dissemination activities, PEP staff and researchers have increased capacity building and continue to disseminate policy-relevant findings and recommendations.

2017 represented a new step for PEP in supporting high quality research, capacity development and policy engagement for growth and employment as the second PAGE initiative got underway. Building on the success of the first PAGE initiative, “PAGE II” introduced a number of features to continue the organization’s excellent work supporting local efforts to produce essential empirical evidence and link it to policy action.

On behalf of my fellow Board members, I thank PEP, its management, staff, partners, and donors for their continued commitment to fulfilling our mission. I also thank the large number of PEP researchers in developing countries who, despite facing many and varied challenges, go further to both provide an evidence base of the highest quality and bring that evidence to strategic stakeholders and decision makers.

Together we are making a difference and a positive contribution to building a better world. I look forward to seeing what we will achieve in 2018.

Dr. Mustapha K. Nabli
Chairman, PEP Board of Directors


I am pleased to say that 2017 has been a very successful year for PEP with the consolidation and stabilization of the organization. We have been working closely with our stakeholders for a more vibrant PEP, and we are seeing the results. Multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conference presentations by PEP researchers and staff have significantly raised our profile, which we will continue to develop and build upon in 2018. I look forward to seeing the fruits of our consolidation and innovation as we move forward.

I take this opportunity to wish our donors, the PEP Board, management, and staff, including those from partner and collaborating institutions, resource persons, researchers and all other stakeholders a very productive and collaborative 2018.

Prof. Jane Mariara
Executive Director, PEP

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