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In western China, and particularly in the poverty- and drought-stricken countryside of the region, women have been left as the main workforce, whilst the male labourers have flock to cities as a result of China's social transformation. A project called “Land of Love, Water Cellar for Mothers” was launched and implemented in order to address the comparatively serious water scarcity in these areas. In this study, a group of local PEP-supported researchers aim to assess the impacts of this water cellar project on the welfare of the affected populations. Two waves of a household survey: one prior to installation of one of a water storage facility, or “water cellar”, and a second wave after installation, to assess not only the effects on poverty, but also the transmission channels. The results show that these effects include not only the increase of household incomes, but also significant increases in women’s labour supply. Find out more through the following working paper:

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