Fourteen New PEP Research Grants Awarded following December 2008 PEP General Meeting in Manila!

The PEP Network is proud to announce that FOURTEEN NEW RESEARCH GRANTS worth up to CAD $50,000 each have been awarded! Congratulations and welcome to the selected research teams!

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  • PEP-OPHI-11162 - Une alternative aux indicateurs et indices composites: Le ciblage de la multi-pauvreté par les scores dimensionnels avec application sur les données camerounaises - Paul Ningaye - Cameroon
  • MPIA-11343 - Public Expenditure Policy in Bolivia, Growth and Welfare - Carlos Gustavo Machicado - Bolivia
  • MPIA-11359 - Privatization and Poverty Reduction in Vietnam - Optimal choices and its potential impacts - Ngoc Q. Pham - Viet Nam
  • MPIA-11335 - Dépenses publiques d'éducation et pauvreté au Burkina Faso: Une approche en équilibre général calculable - Lacina Balma - Benin
  • PMMA-11321 - Spatial and Inter-temporal sources of Poverty, Inequality and Gender Disparities in Cameroon: A regression-based decomposition Analysis - Epo Boniface Ngah - Cameroon
  • PMMA-11313 - Marginal Benefit Incidence Analysis of Public Spending in Nigeria - Reuben Adeolu Alabi - Nigeria
  • PMMA-11308 - Dynamics of poverty, labor market and public policies in Latin America - Luis Alberto Beccari - Argentina
  • PMMA-11262 - Genre et dynamique de la pauvreté des conditions de vie au Mali (2001 - 2006) - Kassim Dabitao - Mali
  • PEP-OPHI-11364 - A pilot of OPHI’s Internationally Comparable Indicators on Missing Dimensions of Poverty in urban, rural and estate communities in Sri Lanka - Azra Abdul Cader - Sri Lanka
  • PEP-OPHI-11330 - Multidimensional Poverty and Inequality Comparisons in Kenya: Analysis of maternal and child well-being - Jane Mariara - Kenya
  • PEP-OPHI-11324 - Pauvreté des capacités au Tchad : une exploration des dimensions manquantes des données dans la capitale N'Djaména - Nadjiarabeye Christian Beassoum - Tchad
  • PEP-OPHI-11314 - Analysis of the Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data in Developing Countries Based on Current Dataset: A case of Nigeria - John Ataguba - South Africa
  • MPIA-11410 - Poverty Impacts of Freer Trade and Agricultural Policy Adjustments in an Opening Economy: the Case of - Ricardo Arguello - Colombia
  • MPIA-11351 - Setting up the uniformed social security system under huge rural labour migration in China: A quantitative analysis by SIC-GE mode - Yaxiong Zhang - China



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